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Sweet Liberation

on December 5, 2010

I did it!  I broke up with facebook.  I took the plunge to become a social reject; a misfit; unpopular; independent!  What a feeling.  I was starting to feel tied to status updates and “likes” and pictures of people  I don’t even know.  Or people I do know and really could careless about their pictures.  Spending more time with my facebook family then my kids…my real family.  My reason for family.  This isn’t to say that I was neglecting my children or responsibilities of motherhood, but, I found myself saying “I’ll be there in a minute!” and I never got to them in “a minute”.  No, I was glued to the latest and greatest things some other mother’s child was doing.  Poof!  The minutes past.  My children found other activities that didn’t need my attention.   That makes for a really yucky feeling in my stomach.  So I quit.  I just quit.  I gave my friends 24 hours notice, customary notice for most meetings, appointments, and the like.  I figured whoever I would need in my life would surface.  And do you know out of 268 friends, only 12 friends I added to my address book.  Will I miss it?  Sure.  For a moment after I deleted I felt anxious…but not anxious like I did the weeks leading up to my decision.  See, I run on emotions.  I am one who seeks approval.  Often times in the wrong sources.  I knew I was supposed to be seeking someone’s approval…but who?  Certainly not from the girl I sat behind in ninth grade english…didn’t need it then, why do I need it now?  No, the approval I was seeking has nothing to do with facebook.  The approval I seek has been seeking me!  Yes, I was being sought after…not for my cute kiddie pics or my brilliant posts, but rather for my uniquely fallen self.  Who am I am talking about?  Well…God.  Yea…His approval.  Really the only approval that counts.  See a few years ago I started to feel the pressure to stay on fb…longing for what I had lost.  I am sure that’s common.  But this longing troubled me…troubled my family and most of all troubled my God.  The God who created me in His image.  I should have known then to abort my mission on fb…but, like most aspects of my life, I am “will powerless”.  Yes, I have very little selfcontrol.  I like to do what feels good…or in some instances what doesn’t feel good, I guess to satisfy my dark side.  The side that leaves me feeling unworthy or insecure.  I seek approval.

So…here I sit.  With my God, my thoughts and my fresh new blog.  Will it work…will I draw in the masses?  Will I be the next internet mavine?  NO…probably not.  But, I may reach someone…I may save a life…I may offer a little courage to those who are powerless over their social network.  I am going to spend my time with God, the time I spent on facebook.  And if that means gazing on His face while I watch my children play…without them waiting that long long minute, then my break up with fb has been a success.  So far, I feel great!  Those who I love know I love them and those who I just passed by, much like I did in the halls of my highschool or in the greens of my university…we will meet again, or not.  And I am just fine with that!


7 responses to “Sweet Liberation

  1. Stacy Elmer says:


  2. Mindy says:

    what a huge thing to do for your family and yourself! proud of you!

  3. Lynn A says:

    Wow, it is so nice to know that someone else has similar feelings about FB and other social media. I applaud you on your bold move (break-up) and feel encouraged to limit my already limited time on FB. I like what we heard at CBS that we need to be spending more time with “God’s book” than FB. Yeah God! I am glad we are on this journey together and that our paths crossed… looking forward to reading more and talking more!

    • Thanks Lynn! It was great seeing you today. Thank you for your encouragement. I was feeling totally anxious everytime I logged on and it was taking me away from God. I feel so much better now! I can’t wait to get our littleones together. Blessings to you and yours! Love Samantha

  4. jenny says:

    I miss you on FB but i totally think it was a good dump if it was making you feel bad.
    I am thinking of doing the dump too… it takes up so much time that i could be doing other things =)

    • thanks Jenny! I hope you enjoy! I miss you too…but wow, as you read…SWEET LIBERATION! Facebook takes ahold of your privacy and it’s troublesome…I like being able to share with those who I want to share with, not those FB thinks I should share with!

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