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Running Truth

on December 7, 2010

Prayer Closet.  Do you have one?   I do.   Well, it’s less of a closet and more of a vast open space peppered with homes, schools, trees and people.  See, I am a runner.  I run for enjoyment.  I’ll never win a race.  My son encourages me to run faster, but I tell him every car on a train is important, and I am happy being the caboose or the coalcar or whatever follows the engine.  I’m not the leading type.  Well, at least I don’t think so.

So…a year or so ago a friend said she would pray for me while she was in her “prayer closet”…the shower, really.  So I got to thinking…”Where am I by myself, with no distractions? “Where do God and I talk?”.  On the road.  The open road.  I’m not fast, but I am dedicated, and I am a problem solver (or rather the recepient of a great deal of problem solving techniques from my God), when I am on the wide open road. 

I started running when I was seven.  With my dad.  My sweet, sweet, dad.  The man I measure all other men against.  (Luckily for my husband he measures up!).  I started running and never really looked back.  It wasn’t until recently that I realized the spiritual impact of running.   I have to trust God.  I have to trust him for my safety, my physical and mental well-being, and trust that He will guide me home.

Without running I am painfully aware of how my body is aging, how my mental health is fragile.  I am addicted.  I am less addicted to my feet hitting the ground as I am the time I spend with my God.  See…He meets me there.  He is always there.  He never turns His back.  But I do.  I month or so ago I ran a race.  A fun race, with a new friend.  I did great.  I ran the best race I had in long time.  I injured myself.  I was unable to walk for more than just a few days.  I was injured.  Not only was my body injured, my pride was injured, and my spritual life was injured.  Why?  Why didn’t I just seek God in another prayer closet?  I forgot how.  So for more than a month, I have been running away from my God.  And man, does it show.  I am sad and skeptical.  I am constantly dissatisfied with my life, my family and all the blessings my God has given me.  But, He still remains.  He met me again this past weekend. He reminded me that without Him, I am powerless over the mean-ness of my human spirit.  I was becoming someone noone wanted to be around. 

Since my injury I have run a few times.  But, without God.  I didn’t want to talk.  I wanted to wallow in my fallen, human condition.  I wanted to feel sorry for myself.   I wanted the world to come to my rescue.  But, that’s the thing.  The world will never come to my rescue.   Only the Lord will come to my rescue.  Then we set up the nativity. 

See…a baby was born, just a little over 2000 years ago.  A baby king.  A baby who would deliver his own mother from her fallen human nature.  Then it dawned on me.  I need this baby.  I need this baby as much or more than I need breath in my lungs.  Well…this is a humbling place to be.   My attitude changed.  It was as though my God breathed new life into my lifeless, hopeless body.  I was renewed.   I asked God for forgiveness. I asked my family for forgiveness…they all forgave me and we moved on. 

I laced up my shoes yesterday, and that friend, the one who prayed for me in her prayer closet (her shower)…she needed me to pray for her in my prayer closet.  So I did.  I headed out in freezing cold weather, warmed by the prospect of talking to my God.  We talked for a long time.  I lifted my friend and her hurt to Him.  You know what?  When I got home, she was done crying.  Her heart was feeling whole again.  She had been blessed by my prayers with my God in my prayer closet.

So, I run.  I run in truth.  I run with my God.


7 responses to “Running Truth

  1. Shannon says:

    Sam, I love you. I want to be your neighbor when we live in a retirement home. I love your real-ness, openess, and honesty.

  2. Stacy Elmer says:

    Remember me when you are in that closet. Pray that I find mine.

    • Wow…thanks for subscribing Stacy! That means a lot. I will CONTINUE to remember you as I pray. You are a great source of inspiration in my life. Your faith and love for Jesus has brought me through some trying times! God Bless you!

  3. Mindy says:

    you have more than problem solving talent my friend. well spoken.

  4. Kelly says:

    love it, Sam! I was crazy-busy the other day with baking and other Christmas activities, and was not thriving under the conditions of cooking, childcare and other pressures I had set up for myself. A little grumpy, making mistakes, and not in the Spirit at all. Rachel (age 2) strolls in and, in a surprised and delighted voice asks me “Oh! Are we making cookies for the baby Jesus?” It brought it all into perspective, and I said, “Yep, from right now on, we are.” Do it for the babe.

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