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Bumper Cars

on December 24, 2010

Do you remember that sudden jolt?  The giggles that build up inside of you as you took to the wheel of your very own “car”.  We went to Winter Wonderland at Busch Gardens this past week with the kids.  Max says his favorite part was driving the Bumper Cars.  He was really good at it.  First he took off with his Dad.  Then it was my turn to press the gas.  Max’s legs weren’t quite long enough to push the pedal to the metal…but boy, can that kid navigate his way around a Bumper Car Rink.  It made me giggle.

See, right now we are going through a “phase”.  Max is a daddy’s boy.  He wrinkles his nose up at me when I come in for a kiss.  When I read stories with a changed voice (the way he used to like when I would bring the characters in his books to life) he rolls his eyes, and he winces when he thinks I have embarrassed him…it seems that I make him wince more often than not.  I’m ok with this.  Max is a boy.  I am his mom. 

But…on Tuesday in the Bumper Car rink, he didn’t wince or wrinkle his nose.  We were a team.  We cirlced the rink bumping, crashing, and giggling.  Time stood still.  For a brief moment I (too) was a kid.  A six year old.  I wanted to stay there, as a little girl.  Max wants to be bigger. 

Max is growing up faster than I care to consider.  But, as he grows bigger, I feel like I grow wiser.  I am starting to have a fonder appreciation for my  parents.  See, they are in heaven.  I won’t get to see them for a while.  In the meantime, I am able to reflect on how I crinkled my nose or rolled my eyes.  They always forgave me.  They left too soon.  I miss them.   They left me very wealthy.  Not wealth in terms of worldy possessions or a high-interest bank account.  They gave me love.  Often times I don’t remember that.  We weren’t the Cleavers by any means.  We struggled; a lot.  We fought; a lot.  We loved; a lot.  We were a team.  We took on life the only way we knew how.  Crashing and bumping and circling the rink.  Sometimes I pushed the gas and they navigated, other times I navigated.  More often than not, we bumped and crashed.   I am grateful for those moments.   Those moments have helped me and directed my life in precious ways.  Those moments have led me to God.   I serve a reedemptive God.  A God of forgiveness.  A God of second chances. 

So, as I celebrate Christmas with my children, and my husband, I will remember.  I will remember that although my childhood was more like a spin around the Bumper Car rink; than a whirl on a Merry-Go ‘Round.  I will be thankful.  I will be forgiving.  I will be humbled.  I will praise my God who created my parents.   I will remember all they did for me, while I winced and cringed and rolled my eyes.  I will remember how they loved me…the way I love Max (rolled eyes and all.)  And as he grows bigger in stature and in mind,  I will do my best to be forgiving.  I will do my best to offer second chances.  I will do my best not to embarrass him (but I know I will).   So, my favorite part of the trip to Busch Gardens; isn’t it obvious?  The Bumper Cars. Time stopped.  It stood still long enough for Max to be a mommy’s boy!


4 responses to “Bumper Cars

  1. Mark says:

    Wow Samantha – that was a great read!!!!

    Those are the moments that I love with Ellie – I get to be a little kid again and just play. Makes you remember what it’s like to not have a care in the world. My father once told me that the most important thing he could ever spend on us was his time – and that’s a lesson that I’ve never forgotten.

    • JenS says:

      Your blog just makes me smile when I read it, Sam. Very well written! You are reminding me of what is important!! Thankfully, the eye rolling around here comes from the older two and not the youngest yet. I’m so glad I ran into you today! ❤

  2. Jenn Lanz says:

    WOW! You are so reflective and able to relate things in a way I could not even imagine. I enjoy reading your writings and learning more about your family and passion. Thank you for teaching me so much!

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