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The Sea.

on April 18, 2011

I think that God intended for the sea to stir our every emotion.
The vast open ocean is a great symbol of our soul. Of all the wonders of nature of God’s creation, the sea is the wonder I relate to most. I spent the last weekend on the Chesapeake Bay with three ‘sisters’. Kindred spirits really. Three women, whom like the sea, I relate to most.
We spent two days doing just about nothing save for watching the “sea”.
When we arrived at the shore we were met by rolling waves blanketed in a blue known only to a sky ready to welcome the setting sun. It’s as though the waves shared our anticipation for the moments we’d share over the course of our stay. That evening we were lulled by the gentle ‘sea song’, a melody that only God can make. A lapping, lazy, evening lullaby. A calm filled our hearts and our conversation. Laziness was met with laughter; and four friends delighted in just being.

The morning dawned. As we walked along the shore, long after the sun had risen for the day, our conversation swirled in the wind. The waves gave way to a tune that can only be carried by the air of a mounting storm. The thought of being still in the wind made the day a gift. A gift that only the Lord could present. Four friends. Four friends who by God’s sweet grace possess a deep abiding love for each other. A closeness that is shared commonly by sisters. A respect and admiration that can only be expressed through praise and thanksgiving to the Lord.
The sea churned but still within the walls of our weekend retreat we remained still. Our converstation moved with ease through the afternoon into the evening. In our stillness the sea churned, pounding whitecaps against the rocks. We remained still. Still in the comfort of four friends sharing lives. Lives, that like the sea, have been calm. Lives that have been rough with turmoil. Lives that have a vastness that can only be measured in thanksgiving. Lives that have been touched and blessed by the hand of God.
The sea. The sea is much like our hearts; restless. The sea is much like our souls; searching. The sea is much like our lives; created by God.
I don’t know if God intended for us to relate to the sea, or to just marvel in it’s beauty….a beauty much like the hearts of four friends who spent the weekend by the sea.


2 responses to “The Sea.

  1. Mindy says:

    This is gold my friend. I am so thankful for you and the beautiful gifts He has given you and I am honored to call you Sister. Love you

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