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Faith vs. Fear

on May 9, 2011

I had a lovely chat with a friend today. The kind of chat that makes your heart feel warm. The kind of chat that makes you grateful for all you have.

My friend quoted me a piece from a recent sermon at her church. “The opposite of fear is FAITH.” So very true. When Max is troubled by ‘monsters and bedtime scaries’ I remind him to talk to Jesus. FAITH vs. fear. When he has to get on the bus and sit infront of the “BULLY” I remind him to talk to Jesus. FAITH vs. fear.

It is really just that simple. Have faith. I know, FAITH takes faith. Huh? Faith takes faith. In order to really have faith you just have to believe. Believe without seeing what you are looking for. Believe without really knowing. Having faith takes faith. I love that. In my most vulnerable moments my faith comforts me. Well, most of the time. It comforts me until I turn my back or try to go it alone!

My husband took a leap of FAITH two years ago, shortly after the passing of his father, Rick decided that after twenty-plus years in the business world he would follow his heart’s desire and become a teacher. Did you know that God gives us the desires of our heart? “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4. So, Rick went back to school and became certified to teach. Certified to teach not just one subject, but TWO! His heart’s desire is to teach. My heart’s desire is for my extremely gifted, kind and gentle husband to get a job. Or is it? Is our heart’s desire for him to get a job? I hadn’t thought about what our true heart’s desire really was until recently.
Quote number 2. Pat Robertson, esteemed reverend and university president said the following to his wife when they first arrived in Hampton Roads with VERY little…something like $75 and a home someone had given them. A home that was probably less of a house than we’d like to imagine. A very tough and trying time. And probably a great bit scary. I can only paraphrase what he said, but it went something like this: “Don’t you dare complain, because if you do, we will be here forever.” FAITH vs. fear. Don’t complain…
So, back to my and my husband’s heart desire. Rick get’s his certification to teach. Nothing had happened. Then a glimpse of hope…a part-time job which he loves. A taste of what he is so longing and thristy to do…teach. So with jubilation he heads off to work and we rejoice in shared optimism…until the bills come, and the groceries need to be bought and life continues on as it has since before this awesome (part-time) opportunity. FEAR vs. faith. Fear began to set in. I kept praying; “Lord please give Rick a job. Please put us where we need to be. Why are we suffering through? Why must we wait and wait and wait for something, Lord? What are we supposed to do? We have no insurance, life is hard, we have two children to feed….” COMPLAINT, COMPLAINT, COMPLAINT. I have complained…my heart’s desire was to wallow…not rejoice! My heart’s desire has been to live in the fear of not knowing; to bask in the frustration and anger of Rick not having a full-time job. WOW! “Don’t you dare complain…”. picture if you will. Sitting in a beautiful church on a Thursday afternoon, listening to one of the smartest women I have the pleasure to know, teach about Genesis and Joseph and his father Jacob and all they went through. She makes a comment…”I know some of you here today are suffering.”. My thought; “Girl, don’t you know it! We have been in a season of suffering for longer than I would like to consider.” Boo, poor me! She makes another comment…”I also know that some of you here today are so blessed.”. BAM! Right between the eyes. “Yes! I am blessed.” But wait, I thought I was suffering. Then I took a mental count of my blessings; not one ‘suffering’ in the bunch. Nothing. Not one single thing I could think to complain about. My husband IS employed…he DOES have a job. I am healthy, Rick is healthy. Our children are healthy and happy. I have a beautiful home with heat and water and a pantry stocked full of food. I want for NOTHING! NOTHING whatsoever! Gulp, that’s a big bite of reality.
God has given me my heart’s desire. My prayers were to continue in our perceived suffering. To stay and complain. WOW! So now my attitude has changed. My heart’s desire is for God to work His will in my life. I will claim that my husband will be employed with a fulltime teaching position this fall. I will claim what my heart desires. I will claim the Lord’s will and His will alone in my life. And, instead of claiming fear I will claim FAITH! For by FAITH alone I have been redeemed!
“You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Matthew 8:26


2 responses to “Faith vs. Fear

  1. Mindy says:

    Oh girl….so needed to hear this today….love you

  2. Kiki says:

    Haven’t read it all, got stuck up at the top. The saying I learned (and live by) from a Bible study is “Worry is the opposite of faith”!

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