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Something new and very scary

on December 8, 2011

I have way too much stuff. Many of us do. We spend our time accumulating things. Honestly, it exhausts me. Knowing the time, energy and money I have spent makes me sad. I have recently finished reading and studying the book of James. James reminds us to spend wisely. Be generous. Do not hoard. Do not indulge. I indulge. Too much. I am not a lavish spender…no, I am more of a nickle and dime spender. I like thrift shops, dollar stores and sales at big discount clothiers…TJ MAXX, Target, the like. I feel a rush of excitement when I come across a deal. As though my stomach is a butterfly net and I have caught dozens. Then it ends. After a bit the thrill wears off. I need to stop shopping. I need to make an effort to minimize my spending and maximize my savings. I need to use my resources to further the Kingdom of Heaven, not the vastness of my shoe collection.

Now begins the change.

So, awhile back I came across a particulary unique ‘social’ experiment. A year without buying anything new, or unnecessary. Wow. Now, there’s a thought. I heard about this two years ago. I have been thinking and praying and mulling it over in my mind for that long. Recently with such intense fervor that I just have to do it. I have to spend the next 365 days without anything new or unnecessary. And, if I have to do that…so does my family. We have talked about it some. Rick has kindly entertained my ramblings of how I want to be a more responsible consumer, change my ways, live with less. Well the count down begins.

January 1st 2012 will mark our “Year Without”. Ick, I don’t like that moniker. I need to think of why I am doing this…really, why? Well, as I read in James, we are called to be generous with the Lord’s resources. It’s His money afterall, not mine. So I will re-title our adventure “Living With More”. Ultimately the “MORE” will be the relationship I have with God…More. It needs to be. Our relationship needs to be stonger, I need to come closer. He never moves, just me.

This is going to be one of the greatest tests of my life. I am going to rely on the Lord each day as I learn to live with what I have; below my means; humbly. I have to learn, for myself and my family, that we have a lot and we need nothing more. We need nothing! The challenge lies in the impulsive need to “shop”. Just look! Browse! Kill time! Basically any excuse can draw me to a store and away from God. It’s true and I am ashamed. My time with God is going to be more. Living with Him more…together in constant communion…because He knows I will need Him there every step of the way. It may not seem difficult for many. “Just don’t shop.” True and right, but not easy. No, nothing about this sounds easy. It has a polarity about it. It sounds liberating and freeing all the while lending to an air of suffocation at the idea that I will not be able to shop.

The most difficult part of this new journey is that I am not the best at sticking to my word. Another lesson from Jesus in James…”Let your yes be yes and your no be no.” I will do this. I will make every effort to succeed. I will write. I will be honest. I will live a year with more.


5 responses to “Something new and very scary

  1. Kristine says:

    How brave! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  2. Al says:

    Good luck with your endevour. I think it is quite honorable. You rock!

  3. Katie T says:

    Sam. YES! Even though I think this is amazing and great, it is even better then that. You are seeking the Lord over seeking things. One thing you desire, to dwell (in the house of the Lord) all the days of your life! The Lord sees your weak “yes” and he LOVES it.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Oh Samantha- this has been my battle- I LOVE the hunt of the bargain and the thrill of the chase until the “new arrival” at the Loft becomes the clearance rack- and then I can “feel good” about buying it! But all I am doing is acquiring THINGS for my earthly flesh! I LOVE what you are doing- and since reading Radical I have had the same thought over and over…I managed to avoid “shopping for myself” for one month- now I really need to set a bigger goal! My thoughts and prayers are with you on your journey =)

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