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New Year’s Eve…

on December 31, 2011

Oh the joy of change. I welcome it like an old friend. I have tried to change so very many times…always failing…or rather falling short. I never quite complete the goal I have set before me. I reckon the reason is that I have always tried to do it on my own…or rather alone. Without God is a lonesome state of being. I prefer to “go it” with the Lord.

I have been purging. Spiritually and spatially. I am trying desperately to get an inventory of my possessions. Certainly not for bragging rights, but to prevent me from “needing” anything for a really long time. I have been clearing out the cluttered spaces of my mind and home. I find the most difficult space to purge…keep clean…make peace with is my closet. It holds a lot of what I perceive defines me. It holds all of my clothes, my scale and…my running shoes. Through these things I have been known to measure my self worth. So, I imagine there is a fancy metaphor here about the cleansing of that which haunts me and that fact that I am haunted in my closet. I will clean up the mess that is my shoes and I will pray that I do not judge myself by the contents or confines of my closet, but rather leave the judging to Jesus. I will pray to seek his heart and not Micheal Kors’. I will rest in Him instead of cute new yoga pants. I will commit myself to his Word and not Harper’s Bazaars…although they do have a great feature on what to do with what you have! I will put forth my effort to be clothed in Christ and seek to see myself with His eyes.

I have jokingly (halfway) to Rick that we need to buy everything we want by midnight…for tonight marks the eve of our New Year. Not, 2012, but our year of Living With More. We are embarking on what I feel the Lord is laying out before us.

I started out lastnight to make my first grocery list of the new year and was amazed and blessed to learn that with the exception of produce and dairy…we needed nothing to make dinner for the next several days. Wow…haven’t even started our journey and all ready the Lord has blessed us in abundance. Be obedient and He will bless you. Thank you, Lord!

I offer this prayer…may you receive it in the Spirit it was written…

I pray that you are blessed in the Lord each moment of your day. I pray that you spend time edifying one another, exhorting each other in Christ’s name. I pray that you are constantly in the presence of the Holy Spirit, offering to Him all your worry and anxiety. Giving to Him your words and actions that He may work through you with grace and mercy. I pray that you cling to the Lord during times of want and plenty. That you seek His face and hand. I pray that you give yourself completely as an offering to the Lord for through the sacrifice of His one and only Son we may have eternal life in the light of heaven. Live in the Lord, offering to Him all that you are. I pray that you are blessed in abundance. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Happy New Year from the Ewing family!


One response to “New Year’s Eve…

  1. You have some wonderful blogs. Therefore, I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! You can check it out by visiting my blog. Just click on the link below. God Bless you abundantly!
    Happy New Year!

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