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Do you know Ann?

on January 2, 2012

You should. You should know who Ann Voskamp is…she is pure delight. I urge you to read her blog…A Holy Experience. My dear friend Helen introduced me to her writing. It’s really quite lovely. I feel like she captures the essence of being a Christian mom…A mighty big call. It’s especially big when you consider we are first called to be wives…I love being a wife.

I have spent the day in communion (as Ann encouraged) with the Lord. I woke to Jesus Calling by Sara Young. She delivers the heart of Jesus so honestly. I was moved to let the day takes its course around my time with the Lord. He needed me to set aside my list of things to do and sit with Him, quietly. I obeyed. It felt so wonderful to give my time to Him. He blessed me when He stretched the hours of this last day before school starts.

Our schooling situation has changed…another change. Caroline and I will be taking on the second semester of Pre-K together. I am excited. I have been prayerful about this…prayerful, in earnest, never ceasing…I rest in His answer. I imagine this will be another one of those decluttering seasons. My hope is to grow closer to God with my daughter. She has a list a mile long of all the activities we will be enjoying…baking seems to be at the top!

I praise the Lord for this privilege. What an honor to be in the midst of God while nurturing and training my sweet little girl. I look forward to all the moments…the joyful and the…well, not so joyful moments!

Check out Sara and Ann (I act like I know them!) Also check out It’s a wonderful online ladies journal. Debbie Harper has blessed so many through this creative publication!

Be blessed and be a blessing!

***I have to explain the award blog…it’s an honorable mention award from other bloggers…to those who blog to less than 200. It’s a sweet honor, but it requires that you mention the person who nominated you as well as a bit about the award…etc…etc.


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