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Thank you, Lord

on January 7, 2012

I give my praise unto the Lord. This week embodied more change than I have had to endure in a long time, a very long time.

Our first change…no more frivilous spending.

Secondly…Carolina now attends “Mommy School”. The enemy was lurking around every corner…he tempted me into being a less than Godly momma. But the Lord was victorious. He led me through the week by the truth of His word. He revealed to me scripture that I could use to arm myself. He also encouraged me to submit to Him fully. He reminded me that until I am completely submissive to the Lord, living completely in His will…I will not beable to resist the devil, and he won’t flee. So…I submitted and in doing so I felt an overwhelming sense of joy. My tears of angst and frustration turned into an afternoon of pure, joy and laughter. Thank you, God.

Thirdly…we, as a family with God’s blessing…took Max out of basketball. This has been one of those decisions we made that seemed to have moral consequence, well, not moral…but certainly character consequence.

We strive for our children to learn that your their word is their word. When they begin something, they finish it. Their commitment to something shows respect and concern for their teammates. ALL OF THIS IS TRUE!
But…as I recently learned, sometimes we have to choose to make more time for family and less time for extracurricular activity. So, we did. I spoke with the coach today. She has a heart of gold and understood. She handled the situation with grace. I was grateful. I thank the Lord for answering our prayers in His will.

So…our week has been full of changes. I have to admit, through all of the changes I have tried my absolute best to press-in. It has not been easy, the enemy tried with pure delight to derail me…but I made him flee in the name of Jesus Christ. We are forever victorious in Christ Jesus.

Prepare your hearts in Jesus. Give unto Him all of your cares, concerns and worries. Pray without ceasing…trust in the Lord always.

“I am with you always.” Matthew 28:20

I chatted with a friend today. She is very encouraging. She is a gift. She asked me where I finally chose to seek the Lord. Where in my home did I find a quiet, peaceful spot? Surprisingly and perhaps ironically…my vanity. She pondered this notion…I could tell. She offered this and I received it: I am seeking the Lord in the part of my home where I put on my physical armor…now I will also be putting on my Armor of God. Protecting my spirit as my clothes protect my body is the Word of God. The one true Word. I think that is a perfect way to think about it. I will be clothed from head to toe in the protection of the Lord (and probably a cute sweater and boots!)

I also like the notion that I have completely banished the demons that resided in my closet…I am facing that area of my home as a daughter of the King…forever beautiful in His sight.


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