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Who knew…

on January 12, 2012

The flames of refinement can burn. They burn deep to your core.

I have been asking the Lord to change me from the inside out. I have pleaded with Him to fill me with the Fruit of His Spirit. I have asked to be a mother after His heart. I have asked for self-control. I have asked Him to show me the darkness inside of me. I am being refined…

We began this ambitious challenge of spending less on things and more on our time with the Lord. So far the non-spending is fairly simple…I suppose it’s simple when you completely avoid shopping. The time with the Lord is what has been hard. Don’t get me wrong…I spend sweet time with Him. I spend time in devotion, prayer, praise, worship…It’s amazing! However, the time isn’t the factor or how much I spend with Him, it’s about what He is doing to change me. It’s exhausting. Utterly exhausting.

As the Lord reveals to me my darkness; my fallen spirit; my sin nature-I am becoming acutely aware of much I need Him. I am learning that the more I press-in to the Lord, the more I need Him. I desire to be filled with Him. I yearn to know Him more and more each moment. I understand in 1JOHN that the more I turn to Him, the more complete my joy will be. And that doesn’t mean that joy from the Lord creates in me a polly-anna attitude.

When I know that I can depend completely on Him…I have joy.
When I can tell Him everything in my heart…I have joy.
When I feel His presence in times of trial…I have joy.
When I feel the warmth of His Holy Spirit…I have joy.

I have joy in the Lord always. I know that His plans for me are not to harm me but to grow me…in HIM! My heart’s desire.
I received a bible from my Grandma Barbara, the bible she used for years in her bible studies. On the front cover, in her sweet, instantly recognizable handwriting I found:

Simple. Words. Of. Wisdom.

I pray you are blessed, but even more I pray that you are a blessing! And I pray that you find joy in the Lord.


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