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Seeking happiness…finding JOY

on January 18, 2012

Are you happy? Always? I used to think I had to achieve happiness each day. Constantly seeking that happy, light feeling. But, I realized along the way there is a lot of life that is hard and steals my happiness. Happiness is a sometimes emotion. I wanted an ever-present emotion.

I spent the past several months, as my dear friend would say, pretty “melancholy”. Not happy, not sad. Not even melancholy all of the time. The word is so romantic…melancholy. I kind of camped out there, not committing to any real high or low. Then it was revealed; we may not be happy all of the time, but we can have JOY all of the time. Joy. An emotion I had not considered. Joy…the word is so delightful.

So, I thought about the context in which my teacher was teaching about JOY. Directly from 1John1. John shares the gospel to “complete our joy”. He affirms that as children of God, we are to be joyful in Christ Jesus. We are to be joyful in every trial and victory. That sounded so very difficult to me…joy always. Well…I started praying. I asked the Lord to give me a spirit of joy. Joy in my heart, not because of my circumstances, but, because of Christ in me. I made the biggest plea for joy in the way I ‘mother’ my children. I am not always the kindest mom. I fail miserably at living the Fruit of the Spirit. But, as I asked, He filled. He filled my heart with joy. Joy I had never ever felt. It isn’t as though life as a mom has gotten any easier, well…maybe it has, I seem to view each task as a blessing to my family. As I am becoming more joyful, so is my family.
I will be joyful. I will praise the Lord for each season of my life. I will thank Him in all of life’s moments.
Seek Joy in Jesus. Ask Him to forgive your sins. We all sin, every day. Accept Him as your Lord and Savior. You will feel joy in your heart unlike ever before.
Be a blessed…be a blessing

A quip from my grandmother’s teaching bible:


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