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My shelter from the storm…

on February 1, 2012

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty”. Psalm 91:1

O! To seek refuge in the Lord! It is a safe and secure place to be. It is in Him that I find the greatest protection. He is my sanctuary. I meet the Lord in the shadow of His wing. He guards me heart, my mind and my steps. He has purposefully lifted me out of the snare of my enemies, giving me secure footing. In His Word alone I am sheltered from harm. I know that He will test my faithfulness, but in the midst of trial, He will guard me from myself…for my heart condemns me. He is my Rock and Salvation.

Dear Father God,
I praise you for the darkness that you pull me from. I give you the GLORY when I am safe and secure, even from my own condemning thoughts. Lord, it is in you alone that I will boast in…for you tame the raging storm inside of my heart. You give me shelter from the darts of my enemy.

Lord, forgive me when I (am prone to) seek shelter in earthly temptations. When I seek my own wisdom for protection, and not yours, remind me Lord that you are my great shield. Lord, I pray that I would rest in your shadow, always. Please forgive me when I turn from you.

My heart bursts with delight and joy knowing that you are my refuge. I am blessed beyond measure, for you pour security abundantly in to my heart. You are the shelter I seek. You are my protector. I will dwell in you all the days of my life.
In Jesus’ name…Amen.


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