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Think fast…

on February 8, 2012

“…and humbled myself with fasting.” Psalm 35:13b

The mere notion of going without food, or merely sweets, milk and bread is a daunting prospect. Until, I learned that fasting is worship. Fasting produces a heightened awareness of the Lord. Fasting allows for the manifestation of God in our presence. I am on my third day of what is known as the Daniel Fast. Elimination of BREAD, SWEETS, DAIRY and MEAT. Filling my body with food that is natural to our earth…nuts, berries, fruit and oats. (Save for one cup of creamy coffee in the morning, God and I are working on that!) I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, perhaps pangs of hunger haunting me through the day…headaches…weariness…annoyance of anyone eating food I “can’t”. But NO! This has started out as an incredibly wonderful and seemingly HOLY experience. I purposed in my heart, like Daniel, to not eat the “kingly food”. I am blessed by the blessings thus far. I made a commitment to the Lord to spend the next 21 days fasting from food that delights me so that I may delight in Him. And He is present! Wow, is He ever! So far, prayers that I have been praying in earnest for what seems like forever are being answered. Not in a ‘God is Santa’ kind of way, but rather in a ‘this is my plan for you’ kind of way. It’s truly amazing. I am humbled by how the Lord has poured His heart into mine. He has blessed me with visions of glory and set my mind on things of Him. He has quelled the frustration in my heart and replaced it with joy and a calm I have never really known. As hunger or temptation set in, I rest in His arms, setting my gaze on HIM. When the kitchen calls me to satisfy my cravings, I call on the Lord. He satisfies my soul. This experience is taking my faith to a new level of worship, thanksgiving, and praise. I am mystified by His guidance. I am humbled by His blessings. I am awed by His presence. I am delighted by His grace.

Dear Father God,
You are so much greater than we can imagine. You give hope to the hopeless and rest to the weary. You bless my humble attempts to draw nearer to you. You sustain my body. I give the glory to you alone that I may whisper my prayers in your mighty ear. I am blessed to be yours.

I ask for forgiveness for my completely human nature. I ask that you forgive me and lead me away from the temptations of my flesh.

You are my sustenance. You fill me in ways food could never. You delight in my worship and pour out blessings in abundance…far greater than I could ever fathom. I thank you for the answered prayer. I rest in your presence, seeking your face and your hand. I submit to your will. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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