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In the storm

on February 9, 2012

I have a friend who is in the midst of an attack from the enemy. My friend is standing firm in her faith, unwavering…graceful. Full of grace. Her character and honorability are being questioned. My heart is grieving and that really makes me think.

I prepare myself each day in the arms of the Lord and I am always confident that I will not get rattled in these situations, but rather I will purpose my heart on the Lord and seek shelter IN Him. Well, I am but I am still rattled. I know it is not because I am worried about the outcome of my friend’s situation, but I am grieved by the reactions of so many who have a daily interaction with my friend. People who see her nobility and excellence in everything she does. She is a woman of valor. A Proverbs 31 woman…to the very depth of her being.
My friend is calm. She is centered in Christ. She reminds me of David. Standing in the midst of maddening trouble swirling around her. She has set her home upon a rock.

This whole ordeal has been allowed by the Lord. It is a blessing from Him alone that we bear witness to grievous trials. It is His glory that we cement ourselves in the Word. It is at times like this that the Lord equips in the power of the Holy Spirit. He sheds light on new paths; straighter, more narrow paths. He will not forsake us or leave us…but we mustn’t leave or forsake those who are living in the darkness. We must choose to be light. We must attack the enemy with the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE LORD.

My prayers yesterday, today and (God willing) tomorrow will be of my friend and those who support her and love her. I will pray for those who are lifting her to the Lord and resting in His promises that our friend will be safe in the will of God…and I will pray for those who don’t that they may feel the presence of Christ and that their hearts would be softened to others outside of their own world.


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