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The sweet aroma of prayer…

on February 26, 2012

Worship was amazing. The sermon was amazing. The message IS amazing.

I share with you the notes I took from my pastor as he preached today’s sermon on prayer. Our church is celebrating 40 days of prayer during Lent. Through the word of God and Pastor’s amazing obedience to listen very close to what the Lord tells him, I offer to you what the Spirit taught me.
I have spent the better part of my prayer life reciting the prayers I memorized as a child. They are the prayers that many have prayed.
About three years ago I started sharing with the Lord that I wanted to pray His way. I was blessed by many who offered their concise “ways of praying”.
Making sure to touch on every essential…
A.C.T.S. is what I have always felt suited my petition to the Lord. Adoration; Contrition; Thanksgiving; Supplication.
I will continue to pray in this fashion, however, I will no longer consider it a means to touch on the ‘essentials’ of prayer. Today I learned about ‘essential’ prayer.

Praying the prayers of scripture is essential…of God.

Pastor shared with us today essential prayers.
*John 17-Jesus’ prayer for Himself.
*The Lord’s Prayer
*Ephesians 1:16-19
*Ephesians 3:14-19
*Philippians 1:9-11
*Colossians 1:9-12

(These are my notes…I pray you are able to glean something from them and that the perspective you have about prayer changes.)

Petition for children:
-Ephesians 3-break it down for kids.
-Establish in them/with them intercession for others.
-Raise up kids who pray and pray with depth and insight.

Essential praying:
*Prayer is seeking fullness of joy in His presence.
*Paul prayed the kingdom not of self.
*There are approved ingredients to prayer “SELF” is not an ingredient.
*Praying the kingdom is praying LIFE.
*Learn to be small and fully dependent on God.
*Carry the fragrance of Christ
*”May my prayer be before you like incense.”
*God wants us like we are, in the honesty and brokenness of our lives.

I hope that you are blessed by these notes.

And for you I offer…
Prayer fills us with the sweet fragrance of God-fill your soul, your family, home, church, friends, community and drive out the enemy.
Prayer is incense to the Lord. It is the fragrance of worship and thanksgiving and Love for the Father. Love for our Lord and Savior. Let your life be a pleasing aroma to the Lord.
Be blessed…be a blessing!


3 responses to “The sweet aroma of prayer…

  1. Samantha, you get an A+ for your concise and accurate notes. Worship WAS amazing today– I can’t describe it. Dana summed it up when she said, “Wow” or “Well” or whatever her one word of astonishment was.

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