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Hello friends…

on February 28, 2012

I have had two breath-taking moments in the last few days.

Actually, there have been, what seem like infinite ways the Lord has taken my breath away over the last three weeks. I have been “Immersed in God.” I have spent hours in contemplative prayer and consideration over the course of 21 days. The Lord has given me insight about my life I never imagined understanding.

I love having people around me and I love being with people-I love friends. But, as I am enjoying and reaping the delight of friendship…I get scared. I flee. Not always, and not now (Glory to the Lord, He has graciously shown me the security in lasting friendships and commitment to another person.) But…I had fled from two very special friends.
The encounter with both of them was like stepping into the sun after days of winter gray. Our reunions were days apart yet so thoughtfully planned.

That first sight of a long lost friend is like seeing them for the first time all over again. There was a moment when time seemed to stop…God does that, His hand is the hand of time, He controls it all. I had to catch my breath. That’s what true heart based friendship is- someone who knows you and has loved you and cared for you and set you to wander away-always welcoming you home with open arms.

For years we had spent, what seemed like, days together…consecutive days-for a long time. Then we didn’t. It wasn’t anyone’s fault…or maybe it was all three, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that in all the absence, our hearts grew stronger and fonder of one another. That’s what takes your breath away. Chokes you up. Makes you weep-joyfully.

Our laughter filled the ordinary places of our designed encounters. My friend said that “eyes never change.” Her words seemed to linger and dive into my heart. That’s exactly it. Our eyes are significant to our Spirit. We reveal the world…our world. Seeing the eyes of a friend is like returning to a memory. It’s comfort greater than a worn and loved quilt. It is kindred-spirits relieved to reunite.

My friends know who they are…they are two who will forever be part of my glorious life puzzle. They are pieces that form shapes of beauty. I am blessed. They are blessings.


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