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All about my love for the Lord


on March 3, 2012

I seek His face. It’s glowing brighter than the sun at noon.
He is life. He breathes life into me. He sustains me.
He is in my every moment.
He is the bright blue of Max’s ever-seeking eyes.
He is the auburn hair that frames the porceline face of my sweet Caroline.
He is the warmth of my Rick’s strong embrace…strength he gains only from our Creator.
He is the laughter that bubbles from the hearts of my sisters…rejoicing in the delight of His ordinary extraordinary.
He is the rain soaked day that lends to the emerald green of grass and tree and leaf.
He is the lover of my soul. The author of my every breath.
He is grace. Grace far greater than I could ever embody-until I sit with Him in the Throne Room.
Until I am made whole and perfect in His delight.
He is mine. I am His. He created me for His purpose.
He created me to spend eternity basking in the warmth of His eternal light.
I praise Him for he is I AM. He is present….always.


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