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Slow down you move too fast…

on March 5, 2012

“Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

I love the Lord’s agenda for my life. Divine appointments. Worshiping Him. Singing praise. Loving our brothers. Loving the Lord with all our hearts and minds and souls and strength. Delighting in the beauty and grandeur of His majestic creation. Exalting Jesus. Listening to the whisper of the Holy Spirit. Absorbing His light. Living with a heart full of JOY.

I need to prayerful and intentionally make His agenda MY agenda. I need to learn to praise Him and sing to Him and worship Him as I run through my daily ‘to-do’. I need to stop and see the beauty and grandeur of His majestic creation. After all, He created beauty for me to enjoy…while He enjoys me!

I need to stop doing things like…putting the dishes away while my children plead with me to play with them. (The dishes will still be there) Dwelling on the mounting stacks of laundry and just put it all away. Thinking and bruiting about getting the house clean and just do it! Feeling pity for myself and seek Him.

I need to stop filling my days with busy and hurry. I am missing the moments of my children’s miracles {their lives} as I rush rush rush. I miss the opportunities to see the world I am rushing through. When was the last time I marveled at the razor sharp edge of a blade of grass or lifted it to my nose to smell the sweetness of the earth? I do know that the last time I did, I sat patiently and contently in the grass with no agenda. I was a young girl. Too long ago.

When do we stop living in the moment only to have them speed past us, never, ever to return?

When He numbered my days, I venture to guess He didn’t measure their depth by the number of PTA meetings attended or the number of loads of laundry folded or the amount of things checked off a ‘to-do’ list. I suppose He purposed my days to delight in Him and all that He has created…for me.

I will take my list and cross of the myriad of activity and obligation I have planned into each day, but, I will do so as though I am doing it all for Him. I will purpose in my heart to seek His face and joy and contentment in all the ‘to-dos’. I will stop in the midst of the flurry of busy and appreciate the majestic beauty He has blessed me with. I will see Jesus in my daily tasks…finding the parables that bring His presence into the ordinary-washing a plate clean becomes an example of how His sacrifice has washed me clean.

I will delight in the moments that make up my life, catching them as they fill my heart with His tender love. Watching for the miracle instead of wishing for it; living in it instead of longing for it; delighting in the miracle of right now and sharing in His purpose for each moment as though they are the last I will ever know.


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