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Living fully…

on March 12, 2012

Today was an ordinary day by mom standards. Both children were sick. The house is a bit messy. The dishes are bathing in the sink…all day. The groceries have been haphazardly shelved in the pantry. Clothes for a sale (tomorrow) yet to be tagged. The house is full of the fresh smell of spring. The driveway is gallery to masterpieces. Amid all this seemingly ordinary I thank my God for the extraordinary. Because, really none of this is ordinary. It’s all quite amazing. I have been blessed beyond what I truly expected today. I awoke to sickness spilling out from two little rooms. Coughs and sniffles making way for a day I knew would be spent at home…and the doctor’s office. We made our way through the construction and midday traffic. We popped in and out of stores to gather the elixers and tinctures sure to stifle further illness. We arrived home. Home…no word is ever quite as sweet as HOME to a weary and tired soul. The mere sight as we turn down our street makes my heart leap for the peace of my home. With the dishes and groceries and fingerprints and all the stuff left undone. It’s my undone…it belongs to my family. It is our home…where we live FULLY.

I had spent the better part of my day feeling sorry for the mother in me…carting and carrying…wiping and blowing…making and preparing…comforting and soothing…she does so much. But she is called to! She has been called out among so many to love THIS family in THIS home. By God…he called ME to be HER. He has trusted me to cart and carry, wipe and blow, make and prepare, comfort and soothe. He calls me to use the hand He designed to hold the tender hearts of the two who were so sick today. He calls me to be their comfort. My pity has drowned in a sea of joy…eucharisteo…grace! He has washed me clean in His mercy. He has lavished me today with love and gifts of beauty! He LOVES me…even when I find it so incredibly hard to be thankful in the hard eucharisteo…He loves me MORE. He gives me strength…He blesses me. Thank you, Lord. You sustain me…

Some of the gifts I received today-just because God is so good…
Two little ones tired and sick who want nothing more than my arms and my kiss and me in their presence…A doctor who loves loves loves the Lord and treats my children as the masterpieces God intended…Stores that carry all the cures we need…including gummy bears and icecream!…Take out lunch…Jodi for stopping by to deliver an invitation turned hour long fellowship and rejuvination…Debbie and Em and Catie for LOVING my children so much they bring balloons and candy and books and oranges and love and friendship…A sunbaked day and green green emerald green grass…A husband who comes home with smiles and hugs and comfort-lots and lots of comfort…Friends who call with laughter and smiles and encouragement and prayer…An hour of poetry reading with the kids cuddled together in my big cozy bed…Sleeping little ones dreaming of all things happy…An evening quiet with the sounds of home…my home.

Praise you LORD! Thank you for the bounty of blessings…you delight me in joy and grace!


2 responses to “Living fully…

  1. charis says:

    aw, i can relate to days like that with my little ones. i hope that everyone starts feeling better and “mommy” gets some sleep too! i am visiting from ann’s link up – the link right before yours. bless you – it is a blessed job to be a mommy for sure!

    my recent post: 10 years

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