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He wept…

on March 14, 2012

“Jesus wept.” John 11:35

We serve a God of great compassion. Watching the weeping and wailing of Martha and Mary and the Jews who were with them, Jesus wept too. He felt their pain and sorrow. That is the God I serve…the One who understands my pain and frustration and grief. He is also the One who shares my victories and joy and delight. I serve a God of great power and mercy and grace. He knows me by name. He answers my prayers…He answers yours. He is the God of everything. He leans in close to hear the words I can’t bear to utter out loud. He takes on my grief and replaces it with His JOY! His presence makes my heart light.

In times of want I reach to Him. He takes hold of my hand. I feel His strength and warmth. I feel Him. His breath gives me new life. His Word sustains me. He is the giver of all GOOD things. When I spend my time running from Him I am exhausted and worn. He brings me back, cradling me in His arms as a mother does her newborn. He soothes my wounds. He sets me on sturdy legs to walk the path He has carved. He delights in me. When I stay close, clinging to Him, I am capable of moving mountains. I am capable of taking on the tasks of a new day with ease and comfort, knowing that it is His yoke…His burden…His strength. I know that He is greater than the one in the world. He is victorious over all of my strongholds. He infuses me with courage and gratitude and LOVE. He is my all.

Thank you Father for pouring your LOVE into my heart.

Thank you for listening to me and weeping with me and laughing with me and holding me and being my all and all.

Thank you for the gifts of family and friends and life.

Thank you for Your mercy and grace and forgiveness.

Thank you for bearing the pain of my sin and washing me clean in your obedience. Lord, you are the One true God. You are greater and bigger and more beautiful than anything under heaven. I am Yours. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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