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Today’s gratitude…

on March 14, 2012

How sweet it is to be filled with gratitude!

Today started with pure thanksgiving. Two children who slept through the night and were fever free! Praise the Lord!

Sunshine blinding the windows of the kitchen…warming us through to our bones. Lifting the chill of winter.

A brave little boy with a heart greater than I can imagine possessing. A kind little girl who begins her day smiling and encouraging her family.

A husband who wakes and works and serves.

Pink scooters and hours and hours at the park. Tiny tiny indigo flowers lining the sidewalk. Teeny pine cones teeny. Yellow flowers so tiny they seem like drops of sun light scattered through the green green emerald green grass.

An unexpected letter from a friend…a best friend.

Painting in the lawn…painted little feet and knees and elbows. A hard working daddy relaxing enjoying his little ones with pure delight.

Dinner that came out as intended and enjoyed by all. Provision…constant provision. Thank you Lord.

The quiet of a day well lived. The knowledge and grasp and understanding of honest love.

I am blessed.


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