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Cleaning day…

on March 15, 2012

“For sin shall not be your master, because you are not under law, but under grace.” Romans 6:14

Grace in parenting. That’s what I need. I need to have lots and lots of grace. Double and triple portions. I need GRACE. Really, I need God. He is the perfect parent. I wake up each morning thinking and praying and hoping and even wishing that I will parent like Him…my Father in heaven.
I am so far from His style of parenting. Man, am I far. I tend to rule with an Iron Fist. I get annoyed and exacerbated and frustrated. I forget…regularly…that it’s by God’s grace and will that I am a parent and a wife to a really great family.

I find myself mothering like a tyrant. Not nice or pleasing or of God. Every morning I try for a fresh start. Some days I am a success…others I should probably just crawl back into bed. But, He redeems me. He makes beauty out of the ashes of my unreasonable behavior. He does that…REDEEMS.

He is the great redeemer and not just for poor parenting. He redeems us of all our sin. As humans we carry the weight of our transgressions far too long than we ought. We wallow and wither in the error of our ways. Often times we are stagnant in our inability to let go of past sin. Let God set you free. Strip yourself of all that burdens you and weighs you down and keeps your feet planted in the quicksand. Embrace the beauty of the Cross.
As Easter comes nearer, focus on the sacrifice. Sure, it’s a cute holiday by Hallmark’s standards. Bunnies and chicks and jelly beans and that shiny grass that seems to grow without water or dirt. However, it is really anything but cute. It’s a special, profound moment, an indelible episode in Christian faith. It is when all we ever did, do and will do was washed snow white. I know, I write about this a lot…the washing of sin. But it deserves top billing…it’s essential to salvation. WE ALL NEED A SAVIOR.

The Word became flesh. God came to earth. He lived as a man, yet He lived in complete perfection. He faced every temptation we face now…but He never acted. He never succumbed to the temptations he faced. He lived without stain…He took ours. Forever. He took our stain and filth and sin so that we may live peacefully in the beauty of Heaven forever.

As I sit in my quiet kitchen waiting in great anticipation for the tiny treasures to wake, I am reminded that because of His sacrifice, I may boldly approach the throne of grace and ask forgiveness. I am free to begin this day as though I have never sinned. The way I parented yesterday will not dictate the way I parent today.

My slate is clean…and it feels so good!


3 responses to “Cleaning day…

  1. chiefofleast says:

    Great article and I agree, we have to preach the gospel to ourselves daily!

  2. Kelly says:

    I too fall so short when it comes to parenting in the way God wants me too. I’m so thankful for a clean slate every morning when I wake up. You have a lovely blog Samantha – thank you for sharing your words and heart with us.

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