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Be still. No, really…be still!

on March 19, 2012

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

That is a tall order…to be still.  I am really not good at it.  I am kinetic.  I tend to be the body in motion that stays in motion.  Sitting and being is hard.  Being still and listening is even harder.  So, when I first heard this psalm…Be still and know that I am God  I figured it applied to everyone else, but me!  WRONG!  It is exactly what I need to be reminded of.  There is sweetness in stillness.

When we are still we capture the essence of God.  Rushing and hurrying takes our focus off of Him. We get buried in the ‘to-do’ failing to recognize the ‘right now’.  How many days have I rushed through only to look back and see a blur…a blur that is really my life?  Why am I running a race so fast that not even God can stop me?   Be still.  Know that He is sovereign and has every single moment planned for me…am I listening to hear what I am supposed to be doing?  Am I listening to the His perfect blessings and challenges for my life?  What am I missing?

My husband became a teacher this past September.  He listened. After losing his job in March of 2009, he decided to take the opportunity (and blessing) of unemployment and answer the call God put on his life…go back to school and become a teacher. He was still.  He listened.  So, as his helpmate, his love, his friend; one would think that I would also be still to listen to the Lord’s call for our family.  I remained prayerful…but preoccupied.  Faithful…but flitting.  I never stopped long enough to hear.  For a year-ONE YEAR-every morning when I woke I would hear this sweet voice “Get on your face.”  Day after day.  I would hear this voice directing me to submit to the Lord-entirely. “Get on your face.”  “Oh no, no Lord.” I would reply.  “You can’t possibly mean me, on my face, on this hard wood floor.”  A year we did this tango.  He would command; I would politely, yet firmly, disobey.  Until June 30th.  The day before my husband’s birthday. A day that will remain a treasure in our family forever.

See, on June 30th, after praying and crying and begging and pleading with the Lord for a fulltime teaching position for my husband, I finally got on my face.  I did.  I was ready to go for a run, meet God, hash the day out.  I stopped right there and heard again (for probably the 365th time) “Get on your face.” So I did.  I lay down on my hardwood floor, nose to the grain and wept and prayed.  I asked the Lord to decipher the mystery of my heart.  I had run dry.  I had lost the words to pray for the man I treasure most.  I had no more words to cry out…PLEASE GOD A JOB FOR RICK…all we ask.  I prayed.  I got up.  Laced up my shoes and headed out the door.  I returned to a husband so full of emotion it was palpable. Something had happened…Rick got a job!  I had listened, I had been still, Rick had been blessed.  We all had.  I was dumbfounded. If I had listened sooner, would a different job have come along?  Probably not.

God has known my obstinate nature since before I was conceived.  He knew this moment long before Rick knew he wanted to be a teacher.  But, the lesson I learned was to be still.  When I hear that small sweet voice now, I stop (well pause) and listen.

Father, you know our innate personalities.  You know when those of us who are perpetually kinetic…moving and moving and moving.  You wait on us…while we should be waiting on you.  As the perfect parent you are, you wait…patiently.  You never stop encouraging us.  You never stop speaking to our hearts.  Lord, help me to be still.  To know the YOU are the great I AM.  Your plans for me are to give me HOPE.  You delight in the blessings you pour into my life.  Am I too busy to hear?  Thank you, Lord, for Your patience. In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


4 responses to “Be still. No, really…be still!

  1. TrishaDM says:

    Great post!
    My husband also went back to school after a couple years off to train to be a teacher. And our past several years have been similar to yours… A few temp calls, nothing permanent. I am a full time student and things were starting to get very stressful. He, especially was at his wit’s end and praying that God would show him what else to do, because clearly it must not be teaching. But then he got a call, and then another. And now he is teaching at the same school short term (which is the equivalent to full time for us, as we are moving in June).
    God is so good. His time is not ours. But when His time comes, He is glorified. And we are grateful!
    Glad your husband has work and that you grew from the experience!

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