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Turn turn turn…

on March 29, 2012

“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1


God’s timing is perfect.  I mustn’t ever forget this.  I must hold fast to the fact that HE is perfect and sovereign and He reigns to bring us hope.  His hope is eternal and while we wait this side of heaven to see His majestic face…we need to be content in the order of our moments here on Earth.  We must understand that when we wait on Him, we are waiting for Him to move in our lives as He sees fit.  If we could stand above our lives and cast our eyes on the future, would we be too afraid to keep living?    What would our reaction be if we saw the events of our lives unfold?

I must trust that His timing is perfect.

We are all faced with decisions and choices.  When we come to the Lord in prayer and offer our petition to Him, we must be still and wait.  I am really, really bad at this.  I offer my prayers to Him, and then I take them right back.  He cannot do anything with my prayers when I don’t fully release them.  I need to trust that when I call on Him, He will answer me in His perfect timing and in His will.  I needn’t forget that either…He answers in HIS will, not mine!   I confess that I am impatient and unruly when I wait on Him.  This in turn makes for more prayer and petition and I start to feel like a hamster on a wheel…running and running in the same chaotic circle.  A circle of distrust, and frustration, and impatience (but certainly not impatience and distrust in Him, but myself for falling into the same selfish pattern).  Alas…I turn to His word.  When I feel myself stepping into the mire of lost hope, I find relief in His WORD.

The WORD of God is perfect.  It is a perfect guide for our lives…teaching us to be steadfast in our trust in the Lord.  He promises us HOPE and not harm.  He loves each and every one of us as we love our own children…more…He loves us more.  I will not lose faith.  The prayers I have given Him are not forgotten or lost.  He is bringing answers in His perfect timing, the timing that will encourage me to wait on Him and trust Him to direct my life so that it brings Him abundant glory.


Dear Father,
You are perfect and sovereign.  You delight in us and give us the desires of our hearts…when we pray in Your will.

Lord, please forgive me when I am prone to frustration and distrust. Please forgive me when I impatient and anxious.  I will rely on You to guide my path.

Thank You Lord that you deliver us from temptation and evil and that You hold us firm in the palm of Your hand.  Thank you that you refine us as we wait on You.  Thank you for your Word that is a perfect roadmap…Thank you Lord for my life!

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


One response to “Turn turn turn…

  1. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of God’s sovereignty. He so kindly does not give us all we ask for, instead giving us the gifts He knows are better than our desires. As we yield ourselves to Him, He puts in our hearts the right desires, we pray for the fulfillment of those desires, and He fulfills them in His timing.

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