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Happy Re-Birthday….

on March 31, 2012

There is a break in the clouds that allows for a gentle streaming of light.  Enough light to illuminate the entire sky.  The sun. A white sun too grand to fathom; yet tiny enough to fit into the Makers hands.  The Hands that so tenderly created life.  The Hands that usher us into the Throne Room of heaven.

The Hands that hold us eternally.

The sky made way for a celebration.  A jubilee.  An invitation from Heaven to delight in the joy and miracle of life.  There is goodness in that which is of the Father.  In the tempest of life there is pure and perfect goodness.  In sorrow there is beauty…abundant. The sky magnified the beauty.

Perhaps it’s child-like delusion or fascination…but the sky that is illuminated in white surely must be opening to Heaven above.  It had to have been.  It was far too perfect to not be God’s presence upon this gathering…the Body.  The Body of Christ.

The Lord of Lords is so masterful.  He creates in us a yearning to be one with each other.  He gives us an innate desire to belong to someone.  Tonight a family gathered.  Threaded together by the LOVE of Christ.

As parents we spend many of our days encouraging and rebuking our children.  Lavishing them in LOVE and commitment…we do this as we touch and hug and hold our beloved child.  We do this in their presence here…on Earth.  We take this for granted.  Only is it through the divine grace of God that a father can stand on the earth that holds his son’s body and speak of the greatness of life and beauty in pain.  He is able to speak of God’s abundance and faithfulness.  He is able to smile with the light of Christ shining brightly from his eyes.  A mother stands in the glow of Jesus.  Her tears give way to peace…a peace that surpasses understanding.  The days of his tender life tell a story known only by her and Jesus and her baby.  She grieves and as she does; the Spirit of God lights on her as a swallow lighting on a willow.  She is full of His abundant strength and courage and LOVE.  She holds in her heart the unique privilege of birthing this miracle.

A baby who in more than a quarter of a year, humbly and obediently wore the love of Christ so well that he changed the spiritual legacy of generations to come.  He offered the stillness and silence we all long to give. He waited on the LORD.  He obeyed…Be still and know that I AM God.  A child created with distinct and perfect purpose.

The year has passed and their strength in the Lord is steadfast and solid and palpable.  Tonight they shared in the joy of the deeply profound journey they have forded…the joy is of Jesus Christ and His unchangeable faithfulness.

With joy comes an opportunity to celebrate the unique abundance of God’s undeserved blessings.

Celebrations give us opportunity to delight in the gift of life.

Joy weaves through the air.  Balloons…orange-as the brightest evening sun take flight to bring the prayers of six siblings who smile toward heaven, resting in the promise of life eternal, looking through the clouds…to a little boy perfect in God’s kingdom, a little boy who will breathe in Jesus for eternity.

The evening sun met a night brisk with the smell of sugar and orchids. The laughter of children burst in the bubbles riding the gentle breeze.

The JOY of the Lord was upon this family…this Body.  The Holy Spirit filled the air.  The presence of God filled the horizon as the sun tucked silently beyond the trees.

It is in moments of great sorrow that the Lord bestows upon us the beauty of His mighty goodness.  He will never forsake us.

He will make everything new.


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