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With gratitude…

on April 13, 2012

Thank you dear Lord for the perfection of today…down to the remaining 4 innings of our beloved Braves!

Yes, today was as delightful as they come.  We found extraordinary moments in all that we did to occupy our day.

A promised trip to Krispee Kreme turned out to be a gift…the HOT DOUGHNUTS sign was on…two little nose pressed against the glass to catch a glimps of the sweet convections traveling along the winding conveyor belt!

Even our trip to the carwash-or rather the Car Spa was wonderful.  The look of pure awe and excitement filled their big blue eyes as the bigger than life brushes and jets and mop heads swished and swirled our pollen-laden car clean.

The morning was rounded out in Surry, VA at the oldest standing brick dwelling left in the United States- Bacons Castle.  It was a beautiful windblown morning.  The sky a shade of blue that only God could create.  Fluffy white clouds Carly was sure were straight from Heaven.  They probably were…because God is so very good.

The afternoon was sweet in a field of early ripened strawberries…and with homemade whipped cream, the day was complete!

By all standards our day was a success.  And usually these days filled with ordered adventure become somewhat burdened by the constant reminding and rebuking of two little friends.  But, today was different.  For the first time before we headed out on a family adventure, Rick and I, together, welcomed the Lord to watch over and guide us.  We asked for His patience and grace to fill us.  We asked that our children behave obediently.  We asked that we would delight in His day.   Letting Him in and allowing Him to lead fully allows for God’s perfect peace to shroud the day.

When we let go of our expectations and let Him guide us, we are always blessed in the ease and delight in which we face our lives.

May you feel the ever present delight of God as you step into each new day!

Be blessed and be a blessing!!!!!!!


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