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Fully Rely on God….

on April 17, 2012

“He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” Psalm 112:7

I must choose to trust in the Lord always, leaning on Him for his strength and energy and endurance.  When I am completely transfixed on His goodness, even the worse news can bring joy.  Yes, I said joy!

It is easy to forget that unlike our human selves, God knows all of our tomorrows.  While we may see our heartache and bad news as eternal, God has an impossible way of making all things good and new.

I recently traced back a string of events, beginning way back when my own father passed away.  At the time it seemed unbearable (there are days it still does) and that there would never be joy in my life.  However, God had set a plan in motion for my life the very moment my father was called home.  He does that, uses each and every moment in our lives for His purpose and our refinement in Him.  If my father had not died all those many years ago, would I be the wife and mother I am today?  I am 800 miles from my hometown.  I came to this crazy southern state on my own…at 21.

The journey has seemed impossible and tiring and bewildering.  But, as I reflect on the many events the Lord calls to mind, I am acutely aware of His divine presence in it all.  Sure I had messed up relationships and misadventures, but they all brought me to this very moment.  I made poor choices and had bad judgment, all of which the Lord has used to build my character and my testimony.  I truly believe that our struggles give us a story to tell; allowing us to give glory to the Lord.

We can go through all of life’s trials without God.  That’s a choice.  We can take on the day in our own way, trusting our human abilities to manage what seems nearly impossible.  OR we can live in Him, trusting His divine wisdom.  “For the foolishness of God is wiser than man’s wisdom, and the weakness of God’s strength is stronger than man’s strength.” 1Corninthians1:25

We serve a God who created us for His delight.  Everything in and under Heaven is His to enjoy.  When we offer our lives to Him, giving Him full control to direct the paths He has set us on, we WILL find joy and strength and goodness in the hardship.



You amaze me in your ability to calmly guide me through my circumstances.  You are my steadfast, strong tower.  You never leave me or forsake me…although I leave and forsake you daily.  Please forgive me when I stray and try to manage the mire on my own.  You are divine and perfect in your peace and goodness and your plans are to bring me HOPE!  I will rest in the blessed assurance of your perfect and divine wisdom.  In Christ’s mighty name, Amen!


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