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To my sweet little girl

on April 20, 2012

The art of mothering a daughter, I am convinced, is an act of strict obedience to the Lord.

I cannot express the delight I feel each time I look into the beautiful blue eyes of my sweet Caroline.  I am taken aback by her alabaster skin and her auburn locks.  She is by all measures created in the image of Christ.  And while I marvel at the beauty He has bestowed upon her, I am desperate every day for Him to fill me with patience and grace as I parent this fiery little redhead.

She is four.  Her independence is palpable.  She is capable and willing.  I claim her willfullness for righteousness.

I am understanding more and more what my own mother went through parenting me.  I was a willful and capable child.  But, I didn’t have Christ when I was a little one.  Caroline does.

Caroline, with every fiber of her being, loves Jesus.  She is learning to repent when she is unkind or disobedient.  She asks Jesus to help her when she feels sad or discouraged.  She delights in the gifts He blesses her with, giving thanks for books from the library, free lollis from the bank.  She has been heard praising the Lord when she finds toys or treasures she has misplaced.  She loves the Lord.

And while she is building a relationship with God, she is still a four year old who gives into her sin-nature frequently, which in turn brings out my sin-nature.  I am learning to lean on God wholly as I mother this tiny treasure.

I am discovering that Caroline and I are uncannily alike.  Maybe it’s a girl thing, or a mother-daughter thing, or a ‘two women living in the same house’ thing.  Whatever the cause of our discord, God redeems it all.  He makes our paths straight…leading directly to Him and His divine counsel.  He is so faithful to show us how to honor Him while we honor our relationship with each other.  He guides us so sweetly to forgiveness, repentance and love.  He is LOVE.

Caroline and I have a love that grows deeper and stronger with each  moment.  We are learning to navigate the waters of our relationship.  We are trusting God at the helm.  He is ever-present.

And though we may not always get along, we always find our way to our Savior. With Him as our beacon, we are able to love one another fully.

I will continue to delight in the sweetness of my Caroline.  I will continue to praise the Lord with thanksgiving for the gift of my beautiful daughter!


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