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The stroke…

on April 23, 2012

Heparin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5b

Ten years ago today I was in the ICU.  I had suffered what is commonly referred to as a ‘mini-stroke’ or a transient ischemic attack (TIA).  It was by all definitions terrifying.  I was 27 and newly married.  I imagine the last phone call my husband wanted to receive was one that said his wife was being taken to the ER.

Arriving at the hospital in time, the doctors were able to administer a drug that was coined a ‘clot-buster’.  The medication quickly rann through my body destroying any clots in its path.  I was whisked away to have MRIs, CTs and various other non-invasive procedures.  Again, it was determined I was suffering from a stroke.  But why?

God is perfect in His plan.  Little did I know that the events of that sunny April day would be life giving.  The tests showed that I have a blood protein disorder.  This was discovered as neurologists spent hours and hours trying to figure out why I had experienced this medical emergency.  As a woman of child-bearing age thick blood does not lend to healthy pregnancy. Blood supplies life.  When a woman is pregnant her blood is what gives life to her womb.  If the blood is in poor supply to the uterus, the embryo has no chance of becoming a fetus and then a baby.  But, in 2002 we didn’t know this.

I was sent home with little to no side effects save for a bit of weakness on my left side, a little trouble with word recall (still affects me today) and the oddest of all…I could not, for the life of me, recognize Abraham Lincoln on the face of the penny.  Funny how our brains work.

In 2004 I became pregnant with our son Max.  When I went for my first appointment my doctor, who is amazing and I am eternally grateful for the way God works in him, realized that the blood protein deficiency I have would never allow me to carry a baby full-term.  In fact, without some kind of medicinal intervention, I would probably lose the baby.  He sent me to a maternal/fetal specialist.  I was put on Heparin (a blood thinner) for the duration of my pregnancy (then again when I was pregnant with Caroline).  The Heparin insured that my blood would give life to my womb.  Praise God!

When I mention to people that I had a stroke, they are in awe and troubled. It grieves their hearts to think that a woman so young would suffer something that is perceptively an older person’s ailment.  But GOD is good!  He allows trial for very specific purpose.  I thank Him every day for that TIA.  I am grateful beyond measure for the gift of having a few days of discomfort for a lifetime of joy sharing in the lives of my two precious miracles!

So here are my thanksgivings for today…

  1. Modern medicine
  2. Max and Caroline
  3. Life
  4. Dr. Bell, Dr. Mallenbaum and EVMS
  5. My husband and his strength and courage in the Lord
  6. The sweet nurses in the ICU who lavished me in love
  7. Abraham Lincoln
  8. The complete recovery of my weak body
  9. The story that I can share
  10. Oxygen

Father God,

You are perfect and sovereign.  Everything that happens in our lives you redeem.  Please forgive me when I do not sing praises of thanksgiving to You.  You are the God of miracles!  I thank you for my life!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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