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Fix your eyes on Him…always!

on April 25, 2012
dishwasher woes

dishwasher woes (Photo credit: tidefan)

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:2

I am not always great at fixing my eyes on Jesus; especially when the circumstances seem purely human.  I am trying my very hardest to focus on Jesus and to offer perpetual thanksgiving. Such is the case with my current situation involving a newly delivered (or not delivered) set of appliances.

I am joyful because we have the resources to replace our twenty year old fridge and dishwasher.  They have served our family well and it is time now they retire.  So, off we went to purchase replacements.  Patiently waiting two weeks for delivery.  Yesterday morning the kindest delivery man walked into my kitchen and immediately, without hesitation, proclaimed that the dishwasher I ordered will not work with the electric and plumbing placement that suited the former appliance.  I took a deep breath.  I stared into the gaping hole in my kitchen cupboard and felt no resolution in sight.  I pressed in deep…fixing my eyes on Christ.

The old me, the lady without the constant presence of Jesus in her life, would have immediately fallen apart and been not only frustrated with the company I ordered from, but the poor messenger (i.e. delivery guy). I would have ranted and raved about how ‘they should have known at the store’.  But, surprisingly, because my eyes were fixed on Christ, I calmly accepted the situation and started praying for a resolution. I immediately turned to Facebook (a great resource for immediate response to urgent questions) found a great referral for an electrician and went back to the appliance store to find a new dishwasher.  Enter Christ…

I asked the Lord to bathe the situation in His goodness and perfect will.  Yes, He is in ALL the details of our lives!  He reigns supreme over EVERYTHING!

The electrician told me he could be out the next day to fix the outlet issue!  And!!!  The delivery of my new dishwasher will be on Thursday (awesome because I have 50 women coming to my home on Saturday!).  Praise God!  And that is exactly what I did.  In the middle of the appliance section of The Home Depot, I stood, hands lifted to Heaven praising the Lord and thanking Jesus for His perfect timing.

See, God knew that the dishwasher wasn’t going to work in my home, He knew this long before the old appliance died.  He knew that I would give witness about His faithfulness and provision…right there in the appliance section.  He also knew that I would have a new testimony to share.  And I do…I share with delight how the Lord is in all things…especially when we fix our eyes on HIM!

Fix your eyes on Christ.  Don’t for one moment think that He doesn’t care about dishwashers or outlets, He does.  He cares about YOU and your life.  He wants to give you endless opportunity to exalt Him and raise Him up for His amazing, unending faithfulness…in EVERYTHING!

So today I will give thanksgiving for…

  1. Deep sinks for washing a day’s worth of dishes
  2. The resources to purchase new appliances
  3. The ability to fix my eyes on the Lord in all circumstances
  4. Witnessing His goodness at all times, anywhere
  5. Chris, the delivery gu,y who was kind and patient
  6. The manager at Home Depot for kindly discounting my new dishwasher and installation for my trouble
  7. Facebook (really??? Yes, it is a perfect medium for quick response!)
  8. Dishes to wash…because it means we have food to eat!
  9. My new fridge
  10. God’s perfect timing

Thank you so much for being in the details.  Thank you that I may depend on you in all circumstances, no matter what!  I am blessed to be a Child of God.  Thank you Lord for each and every opportunity to glorify YOU! In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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