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Thankful for the rain….

on April 26, 2012
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We praise the Lord in times of happy.  We exalt Him when our lives are storybook or fairytale-like.  But what about when the rains come and we are drowning in misery or discontent?  When our lives seem to hard to handle…we find it hard to spend time PRAISING HIM.  But…we need to.  It is what draws us closer to our Creator.

My dear friend received some unwanted news yesterday.  Her husband’s job is being eliminated.  His last day will be June 1.  This is not the time to be jobless, and by human standards, it surely doesn’t seem like a time for gratitude and thanksgiving.  But that isn’t how my friend and her family look at the hard eucharisteo.  They find gratitude in everything.  I like that she’s my friend, she encourages me to seek gratitude.

So, while some may spend their days bemoaning their circumstances, my friend spends her days finding the beauty, with out-stretched hand to the Lord, in EVERYTHING!

My prayer, of course, is that her husband finds a job swiftly.  I pray that his skills and ability will be honored by a future employer.  I pray that the Lord will be glorified through their situation.  Mostly, I praise God for my friend and all of her circumstances.  She is a fine example of a woman after God’s heart.  She seeks His face and His hands and His feet to guide her along.  I am grateful for her life.  She is an amazing woman of God.

Today I offer thanksgiving for…

1. My friend
2. Praise in times of want
3. The perfect job out there for Mr
4. Budgets
5. Jehovah Jireh
6. Rain
7. The hard eucharisteo
8. The hand of God that is always ready to hold ours
9. Debt-free living
10. Dave Ramsey 

We give you thanks and praise for always knowing the perfect plan for our lives that we may glorify and exalt you in all circumstances!  Thank you for my friends and their faith and gratitude!!!  In Christ Jesus, Amen!


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