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Church today…

on April 29, 2012
Spring run-off Waterfall made by hillside run-...

Spring run-off Waterfall made by hillside run-off after spring rain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From time to time I like to write about my church and the sermon and basically the gratitude I have to Him for leading us to KPC.  He is amazing in His blessings…


I have a seven year old rock band wanna be…a rock band for Jesus.  I stood behind my little worshiper as he gave it all for the Lord.  He worshiped from the top of his head to the tips of his toes.  Joy was exuding from him.  THANK YOU GOD FOR A SON WHO FEELS YOUR JOY AND ISN’T AFRAID TO LIVE IT OUT LOUD!

Then, Avery WALKED up on the platform to share the testimony of miraculous healing that had JUST taken place!  He was suffering horribly from a series of medical procedures for his back, leaving his legs and body in complete direpair.  He recently spent a few days in the hospital where he experienced full paralysis of his legs…complete paralysis.  He left the hospital, in a cab, against medical advice.  This morning as he knelt on a prayer mat he felt  ‘somethin’ happenin’.  He stood up on new legs.  He walked up to the platform with as little as a cane assisting him. This man was supported on all sides, physically and spiritually, by a group of men not so long ago.  He put his faith in the Lord.  My friend Helen remarked “How many Averys have I missed?”  I am starting to wonder the same for myself…but God is good and we have met an ‘Avery’ or two , I am sure…I hope.  If not, I pray the Lord shows me who He needs me to love.

As we passed the offering plate a group of amazing performers lavished the congregation in an AWESOME bluegrass hymn. (My favorite kind).

THEN!!! Pastor Nate invited us all to meet Jeremiah Crane.  I praise the Lord for the delight this young man shares for the Lord.  Listening to this dear soul; changed my life indelibly.  His gratitude for the abundance of ‘spring rain’ the Lord has poured over him…into him, was palpable.  I know Jeremiah’s momma and I think she is an extraordinary woman.  I am blessed to have witnessed the goodness of pouring life and the WORD into the life of a child.  WOW!

Church was awesome today.  It felt like a revival.  I pray for one!  I know the Lord is doing something incredible!  In Jesus’ name! Amen!


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