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Open wide…

on May 1, 2012

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“Therefore I tell you don’t worry about your life…Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life…But seek His kingdom…Do not be afraid.” Luke 12:22,26,31,32

I needed these words like I need air.  Today I awoke, like many mornings with my stomach in knots.  This is a very common occurrence.  I have spent years going to sleep peacefully, but rising to fear and anxiety.  This is not of God.  Yet, some of us rely on worry more often than the Lord to see us through circumstances beyond our control.

I pray that I will be filled with His peace.  I pray that He would light upon me, spreading His wings and filling me with His absolute calm, shielding me from all the fear that I cling to.  I trust when I ask, He will answer.

I know that He is in control. I have seen with my very eyes the miraculous provision of the Lord; never do I worry that I will not be provided for.  I know He loves me.  I feel His presence continually. I know that He sends His angels to surround me and shroud me in goodness and favor.  But, I still worry.  It is one of the areas of my life where I am learning to trust completely.  It is so difficult.

It sounds so simple, trust in the Lord…don’t worry.  Yet, as much as I try to press into Him, I find myself backsliding and relying on my own abilities, thus, withering in anxiety when faced with a less than desirable situation.

Today my situation is the dentist, not for me, but my children.  They don’t know my fear.  They don’t know that I woke up with a pit in my stomach.  My throat feels tighter as I write this.  But, I will depend on the Lord to fill us all with His perfect peace.  I will cast my worries and fears and anxieties on the Lord and be joyful in His presence.  I wonder is my fear of the dentist based on pain (which I have never really felt) or is it based on vanity? Have I done a good enough job teaching my children the technique of good oral hygiene?  Whatever the basis for my fear, I will release it all to the Lord!

Please be with us today, casting out all fear and anxiety and worry in Your mighty name.  AMEN.


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