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I live for the Sonshine…

on May 7, 2012
gratitude. =)

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               “His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance.” Revelation 1:16b

Each morning when I wake up I direct my thoughts to Jesus.  I set my sights on Him. When I do this, as well as meditate on His word, my day seems to take a path of grace.  When I seek His face first thing, I feel as though I capture the essence of the Fruit of the Spirit.  Beginning with Him allows me to take the concentration and worry I may have for my week, or even my day, and focus on Him and what He desires.

On the mornings I chose not to seek Him first thing, I am left feeling empty and listless. I am devoid of His perfect peace and presence.  Not that He ever turns from me, but I can so easily turn from Him.

I imagine His face brighter than the sun.  I imagine the Light somewhat like the light that burns at Noon; the light so bright that it nearly blinds you when you look skyward. The kind of light that seems to give away all of our secrets.  You know the kind.  When you look through your windows in the morning and they seem perfectly clear, then that Noontime sun shines brightly through-displaying the streaks and dust. That is what I imagine the face of Jesus to be like, bright enough to display my streaks and dust. I am ok with that…it gives me an opportunity to clean myself up in His presence-repenting of my dirty and broken self, falling into His lap of grace.

I am grateful for His bright light. It lights a path of righteousness that I must commit to follow.  I must remember that as the sun rises each morning to start a new day; I, too, must rise to meet the SON.  He gives me strength to get through all circumstances. He fills me with His joy and grace.  I am able to be the mother and wife He desires when I rise with the Son.  I am able to manage my day in Him.  We walk together on a trail illuminated by His presence.

I am grateful for the brilliance of His face.  I am grateful because the more I seek His light, the brighter it becomes.  My paths are no longer dim and scary they are bright and joyful as I dwell in the light of my Lord.

Thank you so much for sending your radiant Son into the world to capture death and give me life, a life that will shine brightly each day when I am in heaven.  Until I enter the gates of your eternal dwelling, I ask that I may find favor in Your Light; I pray that no day is so dim that I do not seek your brilliance.  I thank you that You pull me from the shadows and into the Son so that I may see clearly the perfect plan You have for my every moment. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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