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He is WONDERful…

on May 9, 2012

“As in the days when you came out of Egypt, I will show them my wonders.” Micah 7:15

The wonders of the Lord are beyond our comprehension.  Lately I have been meditating on how the Lord holds the entire world in His great and mighty hands, and in those very same hands, He gently cradles His children.  He does not let us go, not even for an instant.  I trust that He will never forsake me.

I look out my window and marvel at the beauty in my very own backyard…WONDERS of His creation.  The brilliant greens and reds and yellows and oranges of new spring flowers.  He has kindly placed a family of bunnies for us to delight in.  The placement of our home is such that the morning sun greets us as we eat breakfast…and sets outside of my bedroom window.  The soft glow illuminates our home as we get little ones ready for bed.  He has surrounded our neighborhood with water so we may marvel at the fowl and animals that inhabit the rain-forest like environment.  They are all wonders of His greatness.

God is so very GRAND, yet He is so personal and all-knowing and giving.  He presents gifts of His goodness throughout each of our days.  He lavishes us in the miracle of life…from our very own children to the tiniest flowers growing in sidewalk cracks.  He creates it all.  He is the Master Artist.  He paints the sky in hues of blue and red and purple.  He delights in the wide-eyed expression we share when we experience the WONDERS of His hand.

I will take the opportunity to seek out His goodness as I traverse the path of my day.  In the rush of “getting it all done” I will stop long enough to take in His gifts of nature.

Take the time today to look out your window, finding something that could only have been created by the Master’s hand.  Take a moment to give praise and thanksgiving to the One who loves you most.

YOU are a WONDER!  He has created YOU with specific and perfect purpose for His plan.  Be grateful, even in the midst of your trials, for He never forsakes You! He is LOVE and His LOVE for YOU spans unfathomable distances. Be blessed-for YOU are a child of the Lord!

by Sarah Atwood


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