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Being bold…

on May 17, 2012
The Apostle Paul

The Apostle Paul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

To be bold like Paul is a great desire of mine.  I yearn to be a beacon of hope and love.  I am growing in wisdom and knowledge of the goodness of the Lord and how He subtly speaks through me.  I am seeing the prayer of my heart being answered.  I thank God for the work He is doing in me, I am being transformed in ways far too grand to imagine.  I am learning to wear the cloak of Christ.

It isn’t always easy praying for boldness.  There is a lot at stake when you step out in faith; going against the grain that you have followed for a life time.  It can strip you clean of what you once were.  It can leave you feeling vulnerable and insecure.  I believe the Lord allows for these moments to grow us in Him.  He gives us reason to trust Him with a deeper sense of loyalty.  We must choose to be in a relationship with Christ in order that we may be bold in Him.

I have prayed for boldness.  And yes, my heart desires the Lord’s will for my life, but I feel as though my answered prayer is flowing into all areas of my life.  I have noticed most in how I care for those I love.  I feel myself loving deeper and fuller than I ever have.  I am learning to behold the nuances of relationships and the goodness of simplicity.  In giving up the need for abundance, I have gleaned more time…precious, abundant time with my family.  I was bold in giving up a way I had lived for so long and now I am seeing the fruit of that choice.  It was difficult to abandon the desires of my heart…but I am being blessed in my obedience and I want nothing more than to be a blessing to those who I am so grateful to love.

I have prayed for boldness.  My prayers are grander and more thoughtful than ever.  I am praying for wisdom and discernment.  I am asking favor in trial and tribulation for those who we inhabit the earth with.  It is our distinct privilege and honor to be able to lift those who suffer in prayer to the Lord.  We are able to ask Him to send us where He is needed most.  I ask that I have the boldness to answer the call of God.  It fills me with gratitude to think that through my testimony and my journey someone may feel HOPE and LOVE.
My life is immeasurably different and sweeter than it has ever been.  I am lavished in the goodness of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  I pray that I may stand as a beacon of Hope and the faithfulness of the Lord.  I ask that my life would be a testimony to the unending promise of God and His desire to give us HOPE and a FUTURE.  I pray that the words I share may fill someone’s bucket and that tomorrow with the sunrise there is a seed of HOPE planted in the spirit of one.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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