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To mother a son…

on May 18, 2012

Oh how my heart jumped the very moment I knew I was pregnant.  Perhaps it was mother’s intuition, or just a strong desire, but I knew I was having a boy from the very moment the two lines appeared.  I felt it to my very core.

I love being momma to a little boy.  There is something so very tender about the relationship I share with this little guy.  He is remarkable in ways I could never imagine being.  Both of my children are, but today my heart desires to share my love for Max.

One of my dear friends recently married off one of her boys.  I watched in awe as she so humbly and lovingly handed his heart to a new woman…a woman he will spend the rest of his life loving.  What a gift.  Tirelessly pouring into the life of a young boy who will grow to be a man. A man confident in his love of the Lord.  A man who seeks God’s heart.  A man who lives in excellence.  A man who knows how to love well.

Although Max is only seven and his beloved is out there somewhere, I am committed to raising him up as a man after God’s heart.  I watch as he digs deep into the Lord.  I listen to his prayers.  They are filled with wisdom and discernment.  He seeks to know the will of God.  He relies on Christ to see him through each day.  I feel like the greater his love for Jesus, the greater his love of life will be.  He will seek the heart of God as he seeks to find a lasting love.  He will seek the Lord’s will for his life; as he has been taught.

Recently I filled out a ‘graphic organizer’ (fancy for chart) regarding the goals I have in mind for my son.  Where do I see him 5, 10, 20 years from now.  I was sitting in the cafeteria of his very public school…their goals for him are vastly different than mine…and his.  Our desire for his life is that he grow in faith and wisdom of the Lord.  I pray that he is filled with a spirit of excellence in everything he does.  My goal for him is to live a Godly life; setting the world on fire for Christ.  I pray that he goes out into the nations sharing the Good News of the Lord-a dream he has for himself.

Raising a boy is a delight. It is a chance to get a glimpse of who your husband and father were as young children.  It is an opportunity to pour love into a heart that is wide open…filling it with HOPE and PROMISE of God’s faithfulness.

Ah…to mother a son is one of the greatest gifts of my life.  I am blessed beyond measure.



2 responses to “To mother a son…

  1. vanethandjesus says:

    I desire that too to my kids , to be closer to God until they grow old….

  2. vanethandjesus says:

    Reblogged this on vanethandjesus.

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