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The Well…

on May 20, 2012
Fresh Water Flow

Fresh Water Flow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My heart is bursting in gratitude.  I am overwhelmed with joy by the absolute, undeniable faithfulness of the Lord.  He is sovereign. He is righteous.  He is steadfast.  He is honest.  He is absolute.  I am bathed in His grace and right now I am overflowing with thanksgiving.

I am holding a challis of gold…lifting my praise to the one from which it overflows.  I am enraptured in His amazing grace and mercy.  He is leading me to lush pastures.  He is washing me clean in springs of fresh water.  I am basking in His glory.

I have read a mere 56 pages of Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts. This is not for lack of love for the book.  It is simply to take in all Ms. Voskamp has to deliver.  Her brimming-ly apparent gift of gratitude has struck me in powerful and profound ways.  Almost like a jolt of electricity.  Often the joy in gratitude Ms. Voskamp shares is the exact dose of self-inspection that I need to live in joy.

Over the past quarter year the Lord has woe-d me into a dearer, warmer relationship.  I am fully reliant on the One who breathed life into my dying body.  He captures us at just the right moment.  He tenderly lifts us from the mire of our lives, the toil we create and cleanses us in His abundant and amazing grace.  He is the Well of life; filling us to be emptied for His glory.  He gives perpetually of His goodness.  Until recently-I hadn’t even noticed. He has enhanced my testimony to amazing proportions.  I could sing praise day and night. I could dance as David and Miriam, and all who feel His Holy Spirit, have danced for the Lord.

I am immersed in His sweetness.  I will sing songs of praise in every season for He is with me…always.

Dear God,

You have shown yourself mighty.  You are greater than my mind can conceive. I am delighted that I may sit and hold your hand…the hand that holds the world.  You cradle me and provide for my every need. In you I trust…always. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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