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Radical Part 2…

on May 22, 2012

“But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.” James 3:17

I have to rely fully of the provision of the Lord.  In this case I am not referring to material provision-while I do rely fully on Him for our daily needs; I am referring mainly to the provision of my heart, my soul and my mind.  I need to press into His wisdom.  I have to trust that what He has called me into has great purpose.  I believe that doing the Lord’s will is always life giving and protected by His sovereign grace.  And in believing I must trust…fully.

Stepping out in faith is never easy.  It takes courage and strength that only the Lord can provide.  There are so many situations that we face as believers requiring complete and total dependence on the Lord.  Our choices and motives may baffle those who have yet to put their trust in the Lord. We must have complete faith in Christ Jesus.  He will guide us through the trials and tribulations of new adventure…we must believe that He is faithful to give us a future.  I will stand on His promise of HOPE.

As Rick and I embark on what I would consider the greatest calling and challenge of our lives, I am strong in my convictions and know that I am following exactly what the Lord has willed for our family.  I have not been met with too much resistance with regard to our declaration to home educate our children, and the opposition I have met leads me to believe that those who don’t trust our abilities aren’t projecting their distrust of Rick and me, but rather their lack of abundant trust in the Lord.  When we are firmly planted in the Word (the fundamental truths of the Bible) then we trust and believe that the Lord is the provider of all things on heaven and earth.  I receive the Gospel and rest my future in the Word.  I trust that the Lord has called us out to be reliant on His will.

I am learning that following the will of God can be unpopular and bewildering to others.  I have to trust that His strength is greater than mine and that He will see me through all circumstances. All things from above are pure and peace-loving and therefore right.

I believe that His peace transforms us and allows us to rest in His provision regardless of what our flesh tells us.  We are given free-will.  God is fully aware of this ability to think for ourselves, to make decisions in our lives all on our own.  I spent so many days relying on my own ability and thoughts and strengths.  I am discovering that the more I seek His wisdom; the greater the discernment I have to make thoughtful choices and decisions.  I am gleaning insight from His Word and learning to live my life with complete abandon for Jesus.

Father God,
You call us out for greatness and excellence.  You give us ability we could never muster on our own.  I am grateful and thankful for Your abundant provision and guidance.  I trust that You hear the cries of my heart and that You will always be present to guide me through all seasons.  My strength comes from the Lord.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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