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It takes a lifetime…

on May 24, 2012
English: The Lord Jesus Christ in the image of...

English: The Lord Jesus Christ in the image of Good Shepherd. Early Christian trsdition of symbolism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

We have free will.  The Lord gives us a mind to think and mouths to speak. He gives us the ability to plan our course…for right or wrong.  Thankfully He determines our steps.  I think of all the paths I have chosen to go down and how the Lord has mercifully guided me to safety.  I think of the choices I have made and how, if not for the Lord, the outcome could have been so very different.  I am grateful.

Sometimes the only course I can plan is how to get out of bed and begin my day.  I am, by nature, a worrier.  When I set out to accomplish something; often times instead of enjoying the journey (which is ultimately the destination), I spend my time worrying away the joy.  I must trust that God is sovereign and He will direct my steps.  I am so incapable of mustering joy on my own.  I must dig deep into the Lord and ask Him to fill me to overflowing, in all circumstances, with His joy.  I must also cast all my anxieties on Him. It is mine to trust that no matter what decision I make, the Lord will be there to guide me through. Even the decisions that seem unpopular and difficult must be carefully placed at the feet of Christ. Through Him I may choose to live abundantly in HOPE.

Living abundantly in Christ is not hard task.  The key is to live in full submission.  Now- that may be difficult.  To live in submission means to give your entire self, life, choices to the Lord.  You have to live in the knowledge that God is masterful and purposeful and that He will always know what is best for you.  It’s hard to let go…but when we surrender to the Lord we live in peace and harmony.  It may not always be easy, but it will always be fruitful.  We will abound in the glory of the Lord when we chose to live in full submission.

Full submission takes a lifetime to achieve.  Again, we have free will, we are human and we are fallen.  Yet, by God’s amazing grace, we are able to, in earnest, live in His will for our lives.  He will catch us when we fall from grace and He will lavish us in mercy and forgiveness.

Dear Lord,
You pour your abundant mercies over me daily.  Please help me to live in submission to Your will and Your call for my life.  Please forgive me when I fall from grace.  Help me to pick up the pieces and learn from my past.  I am grateful that You are the God of second chances!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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