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Going west…

on May 25, 2012
The skyline of Seattle, Washington at dusk. In...

The skyline of Seattle, Washington at dusk. Interstate 5 is the freeway that cuts through downtown and Puget Sound is visible to the left. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.: Psalm 118:24

I woke to a message from a friend.  My friend and I have busy lives that draw us far apart rather than closer.  But still we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that no matter what the distance we are close at heart.  My friend’s message was not what I wanted to hear.  She is moving in little more than two weeks to the other side of our really big country.  When I heard her voice and the words she uttered-I wept.

I don’t often weep when friends move.  I live in a military town and friends come and go and thank God for modern technology, because we can always keep in touch.  I know that will be the same with my friend, but there was something inside of my heart that grieved her news.

Kelsey is my friend.  She and I instantly hit it off.  Perhaps it is her fabulous mommy style or the fact that a shared glance can bring us to fits of laughter.  Whatever the reason, we were meant to be friends…forever.  We have two boys and two girls between us and her little ones love my little ones like family.  They rejoice when they are with each other.  Although our time spent together is scattered, we all come together as though it has been moments since our last meeting.  So why did I weep?

I am guaranteed a twice a year ‘date’ with Kels.  She and I volunteer for at a huge consignment sale each year.  We help to sort and stack clothes and in the midst of helping to organize we ALWAYS find time to laugh and giggle and catch up on all of life’s trials and tribulations…joys and triumphs.  I am ALWAYS grateful for those few hours twice a year.  There are times when we randomly bump into each other about town and spend far too long holding up lines or impeding walkways…seemingly oblivious to the world around us.

I had to find scripture today that would lift me up and put my eyes on Christ.  Everything He does is with distinct purpose and for His glory. I am not happy that Kelsey is moving to Washington.  In fact, my heart is very sad…BUT there is HOPE in Jesus.  Today is the day the Lord has made and I WILL rejoice.  I will rejoice because my tears come from a place of love.  I have the honor of always calling Kelsey my friend and no matter what the distance; she will remain a huge part of who I am.  The Lord is so gracious to give us kindred spirits.  I will rejoice because if I had not received her message; perhaps I wouldn’t have taken the time to really appreciate the importance she and her family play in the lives of me and mine.

I will miss our bi-annual dates and I will miss the anticipation I feel when I see her giant truck in the parking lot of Target or Trader’s or the library.  But, she will be back because her mom lives her and let’s face it…so am I!

God gives us the precious gift of friendship.  God has given me the precious gift of knowing and loving Kelsey here.  Her life is a testimony to the goodness of the Lord’s patience and joy.  She is full of life and lends brightness to each and every day and each person she meets.  There will be rejoicing in Seattle when she arrives.  Someone will run into my crazy friend and fall head over heels.

I thank God for the provision He has poured into her and her husband’s life.  I pray that they feel a sense of God’s peace as they prepare for their move. I pray that an army of angels goes before them in Jesus name.  I pray that her little lambs are well loved by new friends.  I am grateful beyond measure for the almost decade of time we have had to play and laugh and cry.

I will rejoice because God so lavishly blessed me with a sweet, lasting friendship.

Bon Voyage sweet friend!


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