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Swim little fish…

on June 10, 2012

“Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is he who trusts the Lord.” Proverbs 16:20

Have you ever been so fearful that the mere mention of that which scares you makes you run for cover? Such was the case with Maxwell with regard to swimming.  He has spent the past few weeks thinking of every possible scenario he could come up with to NOT attend his team baseball party at the pool.  He has tried to convince me, rather well I might add, why we should not go to the party.  From teasing to drowning, he has come up with every reason why staying home, while all of his teammates receive trophies and words of wisdom from their coach, would be the most prudent move.  I have disagreed with all of his suggestions.  Not because I don’t think he has a valid argument.  And certainly the mother-bear in me is all for keeping him from any uncomfortable situation.  But that wouldn’t be prudent and he would learn nothing if I agreed to skip the party.

Max cannot swim.  Rather he could not; until yesterday.  Now, don’t mistake me, he is not trying out for the summer Olympics, and he needs LOTS of work… he will not go to the party today as a bystander, but rather as a participant.  This was my heart’s prayer, and his, too!

We have spent that past week digging deep into the courage and bravery not of ourselves but of God.  Max has been reminded all week that he is not on his own when conquering fears; he has the power of the Holy Spirit to guide him, direct him and carry him.  He just needed to be reminded that in all things God is present…even learning to swim.

We talked about how David met Goliath with the strength of God…not his own.  We talked about how David could have run the other direction and never even attempted to slay the giant, but he trusted the Lord and was victorious.  We prayed for God to fill Max with excitement and confidence and a desire to learn to swim.  We prayed that the Lord would instill in Max the confidence of David.  Wow! God is good.

We readied ourselves for the pool.  We prepared for a full day of learning. I told Max that we would stay as long as it took for him to just feel comfortable enough in the water to attend the team pool party.  Enter Ms. Courtney…

Ms. Courtney had tried desperately to teach Max and his little sister to swim last summer.  By the end of the two week session Max had grown more cautious of the water than before.  I felt my heart ache for him, knowing the fun and joy of being free in the water, and that he was going to miss out on so much excitement and adventure.  I figured that he would have to find fun in being a spectator.

Well, I was wrong and thankfully so!  Ms. Courtney gave Max a few tips about being horizontal and to be flat in the water is actually safer than being vertical.  Max reasoned in his head that, like a fish with a swim bladder, his lungs would keep him afloat and he needed to be supine so that his lungs would cover more surface area.  WOW!  Max started to swim to his daddy.  He did it!  He mastered a few doggy paddles.  He mustard up enough courage in the Lord to actually swim.

Max heeded the instruction of his former swim instructor.  He trusted the Lord to fill him with confidence and ability.  He was blessed.  By the end of our time at the pool Max was swimming underwater!

Will he go off the high-dive at the pool today? Probably not! But, he will be in the mix of kids having fun in the shallow end.  He will go to his party without trepidation or fear because he trusts the Lord to see him through all circumstances.  Even swimming!

Max told me this the other night as he sang his newest favorite worship song…”My God’s not dead He’s surely alive.” “Momma, some people may think that God is not present in everything, that He doesn’t get involved, or He is too big to care.  That’s just the thing.  He is so big and so present and the miracle of God is that he is always in everything we do.  He is always helping us to find a way to conquer our fears by giving us HOPE in Him. He is always alive in us.”  Well, out of the mouths of babes…


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