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Bon Voyage…

on June 12, 2012
Coucher de soleil à Virginia Beach

Coucher de soleil à Virginia Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Joy.  That is what is what fills my heart at this moment.  Abundant joy.

It doesn’t make sense to feels such calm as I say goodbye to my dear friend.  She is leaving in a week.

My heart ached when I first heard the news…a friend so dear and cemented in my heart should stay here forever…for me.

But that isn’t how God works.  He moves us to make the most of us.

He is moving my friend and her family to a new start.  A new beginning.  A fresh day.  A new perspective.

The Lord blessed us with an amazing evening.  We

watched with pure bliss as our little ones played at the shore break under a setting sun.  We talked for hours about everything and nothing.

We filled each moment with laughter.  That’s how it has always been…our friendship is cloaked in laughter and life.

I will miss her more than I care to consider.  She is a safe harbor.  Her friendship has stood firm through the trials of days masked in hurt and heartache.  Joy and bliss.  She is an extension of my heart.  I am blessed to call her friend.

My prayer for her and her lovely husband and their two blessings…

Dear Lord,
Cover them in your perfect peace.  Bathe them in the calm of Your being.  Fill them with courage as they embark on new days. I ask You, dear Lord, guide each of their steps.  Fill their home with Your essence.  Thread peace and joy and love through each of their moments.  Keep them safe.  Lord, fill them, please, with the presence of Your Holy Spirit.  Lord, I pray that each of their days brings abundant blessings.  Lord, thank you for the gift of the friendship…friendship that grows in strength and beauty through time and space.  I pray for friends and neighbors who will love them fully and in You.  Thank you Lord for provision beyond our comprehension.  Lord, You are MIGHTY and BIGGER than all situations.  Carry them Lord!  In Jesus’ name, Amen.



One response to “Bon Voyage…

  1. Paddy says:

    I love this Samantha, this is just how I feel about Joan moving.

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