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Yes, I will ramble…

on June 16, 2012

There is something so very nostalgic about the first Saturday of summer vacation.  Excitement fills us as we lazily crawl out of bed with no real agenda.  The prospect for adventure swirls around us; carried on the cool spring breeze that stops short of our cozy blankets.  Max asks for a family cuddle…warmed by the notion that come fall the closeness of family will continue in long discussions of history and math and science.  This Saturday marks the first day of our journey into homeschooling.  It is official.  Max has been withdrawn from public school…curricula has been chosen…the beginning of our education adventure starts today.  The very mention of homeschool sets a new freedom in my heart.

I am grateful for the joy and anticipation I feel for the opportunity to educate my kids.  I am thankful beyond comprehension for the Lord’s answer to my greatest prayer.  I am joyfully overwhelmed by the notion that I have been called to teach my precious little gifts.  I am truly blessed.

I am a strong believer that we are called to care for our children.  That picture is different for every family.  It spans issues from nursing babies to allowing young adults to live at home until they marry.  There are so many wonderful ways to love a child.  I am convinced that the Lord calls us all to  love the way He needs us to love most.  We are called to be salt and light in all areas of the world; our area just happens at our home base.

I pray that you all feel the freedom of summer vacation.  I pray the Lord will brighten all of your days with new ways to serve and glorify Him.  Delight in the blessings and gifts from His masterful hand.  I pray that you are safe and that all of your days are filled with LOVE and JOY.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


One response to “Yes, I will ramble…

  1. Sharon Parker says:

    You go girl! It is one of the best adventures you will ever embark upon. Find support of friends, educators and intercessors. Opposition may come so know because you know God has called your family to this and GO FORTH! :0)
    (we homeschooled all 4 from beginning through 12th grade. Each year had a different flavor and God who is rich on mercy will lead and guide you.)

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