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Happy Birthday …

on June 22, 2012

A contemporary birthday cake

There are few things that I enjoy more than celebrating a friend’s birthday. I got to do that with great delight tonight!  I celebrated my friend Jodie.  Oh, you have to know Jodie.  She is the real deal.  She is as honest and genuine as the day is long.  She is a friend who welcomes you into her heart and into her family.

The very instant…no exaggeration…I met Jodie, I became her friend.  In an instant.

Tonight we welcomed her new year on a beach deck.  We traveled into a different world as we drove the ‘s’ curve to Sandbridge.  A quintessential oceanfront community.  Sand lines both sides of the roads.  There isn’t a lawn on the strip. Sandbridge throws you back to a time when the grocer knew your name and you could leave your door unlocked…all the time.  Sandbridge is, in my opinion, a seaside fantasy land.  Is there a better place to spend your new year than in a land removed from time and space?

I spent the evening watching a pod of dolphins; a flock of pelicans sail over the ocean; and a house full of people who couldn’t have asked for a more amazing place to be.  The home was filled to bursting with love…for a very special and kindred spirit.

So, Jodie.  She embodies love.  She loves fully and significantly.  She is honest.  She is loyal.  She is full of life.  She is rooted and grounded in love.  Her heart expands further than her reach. When she says she loves you; she means it.

The invitation to celebrate her birthday was like Charlie’s golden ticket.  When a friend, who by nature is so very humble and so full of humility, invites you to be a part of their joy-you must answer yes.

I am blessed by the love that my friend shares.  Jesus in her is so very beautiful.

Sweet Friend…You have sat patiently with a loving and listening ear.  You have unopened your heart and your home.  We, as a family, love you and yours.  We are honored and blessed to shared our evening with you…may your new year; your new journey; everything you do…be blessed by the hand of God.  In the might name of Jesus, Amen.


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