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hello again…

on June 22, 2012

I have not signed off, only stepped away.  I have fallen out of routine and when I do that I fall away from God.  Not intentionally.  I have enjoyed an amazing week basking in the love of my family.  We have spent hours loving each other well.  Tasks, that have seemed to loom over us for what feels like forever, are done.  I feel organized for the first time in a long time.  Unfortunately, I tend to make an idol out of my to-do list.  Never, ever a good thing.  God is so amazing. He sees me through it all and forgives me for being so absent in mind and spirit.

I have a ping in my gut when I let go of the hand of God.  He is a Father-the perfect parent.  While we may loosen our grip on Him, He rests His hand upon our shoulder and continues to guide us.  I realized this as I guided Max and Carly through the traveling carnival last night.  They really didn’t even feel me guiding them. I praise God for never letting go of His children.  I am awed by His amazing grace when we fall short.

Perhaps I haven’t written in a few days because as I sort through the cabinets and shelves of my home; I am dually cleaning out the forgotten spaces of my heart.  I have had a great deal of time and blessing to walk through old memories this past week or so.  The Lord has been so gracious to clear out the clutter of my old self and reveal to my new self the beauty of new creation.  I am grateful.  I look back on the woman I was and who, without Christ, I would have been.  It makes me shudder, but then in that exact moment I am comforted in the Holy Spirit.

I am learning to let go of who I was.  I am learning to live within my means.  I am learning to seek Christ in every facet of my life and being. I am learning that perfection is not the goal-realization of salvation is the goal.  Walking with Christ covers the rocky paths I traversed.  I am free in His mercy and grace and thanksgiving to live abundantly with what I have and not what I think I should have.  I am grateful to the Lord for giving me new perspective and a forgiving heart.  He is mighty to save.

May the Lord of peace and patience and kindness guide your day.  May you feel His joy and love and goodness as you lavish those around you in the LOVE of Christ.  May you continue in your faith, being gentle of Spirit.  May the Lord bless you with self-control in every area of your life…especially in the words that come from your heart…be they sweet as honey.  In Jesus name, Amen.


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