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To obey or not to obey…

on June 29, 2012

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“Honor your mother and your FATHER, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.” Exodus 20:12

The fifth commandment is a tough one.  Teaching your children to honor their parents is truly a lifelong commitment.  It is all about obedience.  Obedience to the Lord, really.  That is what I struggle with…obeying the Lord.  My Father in heaven.  The perfect father.

It came upon me the other morning; how very disobedient to the Lord I am…can be.  I don’t always listen when He speaks.  I ignore His calls.  I am distracted when He asks me to do something.  I am very disobedient.

Recently, two things happened within minutes of each other. As a typical child, I chose how I was going to obey.  I was ‘semi-obedient’ (is that even allowed?  I think not!!)  The Lord kept nudging me to pray for someone.  Someone who I have a difficult time with, I don’t understand their blatant disregard for the Lord and I see a lot of who I was, before Christ, in them.  The Lord kept telling me to ‘lay hands’ on this person…pray for them.  But I didn’t.  I chose to pray for them silently to myself, never laying a finger on the one God was asking me to love for Him.  I choose to disobey.  The second-within moments the Lord filled me with His Spirit. I could feel a burning inside of me.  A complete wash of the Holy Spirit urging me to deliver a word to our congregation.  This is a common occurrence at my church, not for me, but for others.  People feel the pull of the Lord leading them to the Word, leading them to the altar.  I was, at first, really ready to rebel.  I turned to Rick and told him what was going on and he encouraged me to go…so I did.  I did it with a happy obedient heart.

That is just an example of my choosing to be obedient.  I do it daily.  The Lord reminds me of the way I should go and I, very willfully, go in the other direction.  This is a common occurrence.  He reminds me of this often…how I go my way and not His.

It’s funny how I can justify my own disobedience, but get frustrated when my kids chose to disobey.  How dare they???  How do they know to do this?  Oh, yea, right…it’s me; I am their (not so shining) example.  They are unwittingly following in my footsteps.  Time to pull in the reigns and make an effort to be the most obedient daughter I can be to my Father, so that my little lambs will desire to obey their parents.  Surprisingly, they are joyfully obedient to the Lord…Thank God!

A friend recently shared with me the secret to her parenting…she doesn’t really know that she shared this, but I gleaned a lot of hope from what she said.  As we were gathering our children up at a playdate she said to her son, “You have choices, you can chose to obey or you can chose to disobey, I hope you chose to obey.”  In that very instant it occurred to me, I have the same choices.  I need to press into the goodness of the Lord; His perfect will for my life.  I need to listen and obey.

Father God,
Your mercies are new each morning.  You know every step I am to take.  You direct my path and yet I stray.  Thank you for forgiving me.  Help me to honor my Father.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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