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He is all I need…

on July 2, 2012

“As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you…” Isaiah 66:13

How sweet is this promise?  The Lord will comfort us as a mother comforts her child, but even more so!  He is the perfect comforter.  He gives us peace that surpasses understanding.  There is no circumstance greater than the comfort of God.

It is through the trials of life that we see the grace and mercy of the Lord.  We will not always be comfortable.  We will encounter times of sadness.  Times of lost hope.  Times that leave us anything but comfortable…but God is sovereign and always with us.  Turn to Him.

I think there is a prevalent misconception among believers and non-believers alike; God is a god of happy and easy.  But that is not the case.  God allows trial in our lives. He allows for difficult, uncomfortable times in our lives.  He allows the uncomfortable so that we may seek Him and His goodness and righteousness.  He allows for frustration and lack so that we may seek His peace and provision.  His comfort.

Rick once reminded me that comfort and provision from the Lord may be far from what we fathom.  While we want warm homes and substantial bank accounts, the Lord’s plan may be different.  Our life has changed 180 degrees in the past 3 years.  For nearly two of those years we were living on a part-time substitute teacher pay while Rick went to school to become a teacher…God provided in ways I would have never imagined.  He took a very uncomfortable time and made it livable.  We learned that what used to make us comfortable were strictly desires of the flesh…of our human condition.  Fancy housewares, clothes, restaurants became a thing of the past.  We realized that we had all we needed…a roof over our heads, reliable cars, food in the pantry and working utilities. We learned to live far below our means.  He filled us with comfort in Him, and His promise of a future and hope.  The things that we find comfort in of this world are fleeting and perishable.  The Lord remains forever.

He is comfort, pure and simple.  Find refuge in the Living God.  Fall into the arms of Jesus.  Let the Lord, Father of the God Man, to ease your discomfort.  Seek Him to meet your needs.  Seek Jesus.

Father God,
Thank you that I may ALWAYS depend on you…even in the fire of life…to comfort me and guide my steps.  I pray for all of those who are going through change and discomfort that they would seek Your sovereign grace and mercy. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Comfort (Photo credit: clumsy_jim)


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