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Awaken sleeping bones…

on July 8, 2012

Clouds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ache of exhaustion rattles an entire being.  The heavy and hallow feeling in the very marrow of my bones.  Pining for relief and respite and renewal.  The promise of a lightened, fuller being is comforting warmth to cold aching bones.  Oh, the spring of the Lord is the absolute only way to relieve the wearing down of spirit.  The Father of all things good and pure breathes life over us and in us.  He wraps us in His brilliant white wings.  He gives us protection and provision.  He pours out rest abundantly…rest in Him and His perfection.  Hope in eternal bliss.

Exhaustion can disguise so much…

True physical empty.
True mental empty.
True spiritual empty.

Exhaustion can keep us from being full in the moment.  Keep us from being present, not only for ourselves, but, for those we are called to love. I have come from under the blanket of fatigue to a fresh and bright energy. Through the power of the Holy Spirit I am full in the arms of the Lord.  I am filled to overflowing in the abundance of His peace and calm.  I have been led to still waters.  I am blessed as I lay in green pastures of His goodness. The same pastures that seemed so distant from where I was.

My vulnerabilities lay prey to an enemy who is relentless in attack.  When I am worn and lifeless, I am a prime target. My ears become open to the words of failure and inability.  I am serenaded in a symphony of regret and indecision.  I lose my focus on the One who loves me.  He, the Lord,  allows for the attack.  His purpose is to draw me near…He succeeds.  He draws me close to His heart.  The Heart that beats for nations and humanity and me.  I am part of the beat…the pulse of the Lord.  I am part of the body.  The body of who gives the Cross such meaning…Christ. The God-man, who, in an instant took the spark out of the enemy’s fire, He vanquished death so that I may not stand lifeless in a realm of vulnerability.  He spoke life into the world at the very moment it took Him away.  God sent us the key to seeking joy and love in the imperfection of our human condition.  The key to salvation and eternal ecstasy in Christ Jesus.

I am free from the chains that bind.  I am free in the blood of Christ.  I have rebuked the Jezebel of self-reliance and loathing.  I am free from the binding desire to relegate every moment of my life to something other than the Lord.  I am free to rest and be still in Christ.  I am free to live outside of my need to do everything to perfection…the yearn keeps me from doing anything at all.  I am me.  I am who God created in His image to be fully me.  I am not you are her or him.  You are not anyone other than the delightful creation of God.

Each moment is of God. His grace fills the nanoseconds of time.  He is present in everything we do.  I am challenged to seek Him in everything.  I am faced with abundant pouring out of divine blessing and I must seek to soak in His goodness.  I must purpose to live presently and learn from each moment not skipping ahead to what may or may not come.

I give thanks and praise to the One who gives me rest.


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