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on July 25, 2012

Please pray for the children of Latvia.


Latvia is an amazing country.  It is beautiful.  It is old.  The architecture is fabulous.  The people are friendly.  Riga, the capital, is safe.  It is also good to its orphans, at least so far as I can tell.

But it is also worldly.  Our kids had a bus/tram/train pass that took them anywhere they wanted to go.  They had lots to do, but also lots of freedom.  They had to grow up without spiritual covering.  Very mushy boundaries.  They were not street kids, but they had some of the same opportunities and hazards as street children do.  There are bars and discos everywhere.  Alcohol and cigarettes flow freely.  We saw many adult entertainment establishments.  The world and the enemy wants these kids.

Scene 2.

Viktorija is 13 or 14 years old.  She is funny.  She is pretty.  She will steal your heart.  She has no siblings, and she has…

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